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April 30, 2019

it’s flea market season in michigan! the allegan flea market had it’s season opener this weekend despite the random snow (two inches) that came down saturday night. however it was melted and gone by sunday afternoon and i was out and about on the hunt for treasure for both personal and shop. i found a bit of both but not a huge haul. many vendors didn’t show up or completely set up because of the weather. i am not a fair weather fan though. it has to be pouring ice for me not to show up to a flea market. i dug my snow boots back out of the closet and headed out bright and early sunday morning.

April Allegan Flea Market

there is a clear tie for what my favorite pic of the weekend is. it’s between the little red riding hood painting on canvas (1860!) and the french bread tin. the french bread tin is an amazing find because it is the same color and font as the vintage cake and bread tin i have in my kitchen that i found a few years ago at an antique store. when i saw the bread tin… i about fainted. i did faint when it was only $48. the bread tin was definitely the best deal from allegan this weekend.

sadly i noticed there were so many booths with reproduced product. that is product made to look old but really isn’t. i do not have a problem with new made to look old but there is a place for it. in retail shops. i get so angry when i see antique dealers (who are professionals) trying to pass of the new as old and asking for the old prices. there was so much new jadeite (fauxdite is what i call it) it made me really sad. but educate yourself and know what to look for so you can decipher between what is legitimate old and new so not only you get what you pay for, but you get what you are after.

vintage kilim Rug

this persian hand woven rug i found in allegan is heading to the shop. i bought it for a room but the color blue is just not quite right. i believe it is an 5x 8. if you are interested in it let me know otherwise i might be selling it on the instagram or in my shop.

April Allegan Flea Market

the indian painting is going in to ottos tow room as part of the gallery wall. the colors on it are beautiful and it is in an old frame still. it has a to and from message written on the back but it’s super hard to read. it is an excellent paint by number. i also found this little cast iron bird bath. I thought it would be an awesome sugar water station for my bees if I put some rocks in it. it has a little chip out of the corner so i was able to snag it for only $15!

Painted Lamp

this lamp is one of my weirder purchases. floor lamps are hard to find and this one actually works. the entire thing is hand painted and it has a tassel pull. i was just mesmerized by it and it was too cool to leave behind. i also saw a glass floral floor lamp with gold filigree specks… but that one was $1700. after a bit of clean up this one pictured will be heading to the shop.

April Allegan Flea Market

i of course made a little ironstone haul of some random plates. i’m planning on keeping a few but most will be heading into the shop. the final thing i’m on the fence about is the landscape painting. it’s so gorgeous and i want to hoard it but i don’t really have a place in mind for it yet… stay tuned!

did anyone else go to allegan? what did you find?

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April Allegan Flea Market April Allegan Flea Market

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Hi, I recently bought a few antique paintings and was wondering how to clean them without harming them? Any suggestions? Thanks and love your finds!

    • ok this might sound crazy.. and i haven’t tried it myself yet.. but i heard that taking a piece of white sandwich bread like wonder bread and rubbing it on the painting doesn’t damage the paint but takes the dirt off… I might give it a whirl on some of my newest additions.

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