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April 9, 2019

the snow is gone and the weather is warming up. it was the perfect weekend to go out and flea market! things are starting to ramp up and i’m ready for it. the antique malls around here are starting to look stale because nothing has been going on. as people get out of hibernation though treasures start appearing. this weekend my friend ashley and i headed down to kane county flea market in illinois to hunt for some treasure.

Kane County Flea Market Treasures

i had my list of what i was looking for in tow along with the old standby of adding to my growing collections. i am looking for something interesting to go on the bar side of the wall in the green living room. i want to maybe find a big piece of art mirror. a piece of furniture would be overkill since i’ve pretty much stuffed this room to capacity already. i was also looking for a piece of furniture to put the tv in the screen room on. right now it’s on an old chippy cabinet and i’m concerned that it might be too narrow. i wouldn’t mind something with a little storage in there since otto seems to love to sit in there and look out the windows. but for now the hunt continues. i am really on the hunt for a big garden statue. i really want to add some antique interest to my garden but i can’t seem to find anything over two feet tall. i did find a STUNNING victorian bust, cast iron, beautiful but it was $600 and out of my budget. maybe if it’s there next month he’ll have less on it. and of course looking for the usual suspect, ironstone, jadeite, good table clothes, pyrex and trophies.

Kane County Flea Market Treasures

i always take a cash budget with me and keep track of everything i buy so when i get home i’m not left scratching my head wondering where my money went. it’s nice to see how much i paid for things because sometimes i buy for the shop and sometimes i buy for myself. sometimes i change my mind about what is going where when i get home so it’s just nice to have a master list. i do however keep my check book in my glovebox during markets. just in case i find that rare unicorn of something i have to have. it’s in my glovebox so i’m not tempted to write multiple checks when i spend my cash budget. ( i sometimes know myself a little too well).

Kane County Flea Market Treasures

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Flea Market Finds Old Books

this photo is of one of my favorite dealers checkpoint 19 antiques 

Flea Market Finds Dresser

my finds from this weekends adventure include

small cherub garden statue (keep)
small lion garden statue (undecided)
three small ironstone bowls (keep)
1 old seed packet (keep)
4 jadeite plates (keep)
3 jadeite bowls (keep)
12 jadeite saucers (heading to the shop)
1 gold floral table (undecided)
floral painting (keep)
set of four depression glass goblets (heading to the shop)
beaded floral pin (keep)
trophy 1930 poety contest (keep)
plaid suitcase (keep)
ironstone transferware tray (heading to the shop)
french style dresser (heading to the shop)

all in all a good treasure trove!

see my last haul from kane county! 

Vintage Garden Statue Vintage Iron Stone Flea Market Finds jadeite

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  1. Melissa says:

    Great finds! Can’t wait to receive the flea market listings so I can start making some weekend plans.

  2. Katherine says:

    That floral table is such a beautiful find . I would have a hard time parting ways with that too!

  3. Mary says:

    That floral painting is amazing! Great finds (as always)

  4. Erin says:

    Do you have a list of all the must flea markets?

  5. Lauren Lutz says:

    The tartan plaid case….

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