bacon wrapped pimento cheese jalapeno poppers

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April 4, 2019

i have been on a little bit of a pimento cheese obsession lately. i’ve been ordering it at every single restaurant in town and in my opinion the best pimento cheese is by zingermans in ann arbor but they wholesale it. so if you are in the grand rapids, michigan area you can access it at appertivo in the downtown market. sunday night joe and i were working around the house and we wanted a quick and light dinner. we are both big appetizer people and usually make an entire meal out of apps. we had a big brunch that morning at new hotel mertens downtown so we were not overly hungry. joe wanted jalapeño poppers (the ones i usually make which I will share with you later but it involves cream cheese and a special sweet seasoning mix).

Three Ingredient Jalapeño Poppers

bacon wrapped pimento cheese jalapeno poppers


bacon wrapped pimento cheese jalapeno poppers bacon wrapped pimento cheese jalapeno poppers

these jalapeño poppers are super simple, fast and taste AWESOME. in fact we ate the entire tray with a glass of wine before getting back to work. and by getting back to work i mean getting the tot ready for bed because we were all exhausted. spring cleaning is the worst!

bacon wrapped pimento cheese jalapeno poppers bacon wrapped pimento cheese jalapeno poppers

So here is what you need.

pimento cheese (i used zingermans brand but you can pick any kind)
jalapeños (the bigger the better)

it’s that simple.

  1. preheat your oven to 400 degrees
  2. slice the jalapeños in half length wise. scoop out the guts of seeds and ribs. if you like them with some extra heat leave them in but I can be kind of a baby when it comes to pepper heat.
  3. scoop a bit of pimento cheese into the jalapeño shells. try to keep it just shy of level to the jalapeño because it will bubble up a bit.
  4. slice the bacon in half so you have 3 – 4 inch bacon strips. wrap around the jalapeño and secure with a toothpick if necessary.
  5. line a tray with parchment paper and line the bacon wrapped pimento stuffed jalapeño poppers on the tray. bake for 15-18 minutes at 400 degrees. keep an eye on them because it depends on how crispy you want that bacon.

best served fresh and hot out of the oven!

bacon wrapped pimento cheese jalapeno poppers


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  1. Janey says:

    Step 3 says slice the back in half, sorry but what do you mean? The jalapeño after you stuff it, or the bacon

  2. Colleen says:

    It is by far the best! I now live in WI but when we come back to MI I always grab some. Try making Mac and cheese with it! Amazing!!!

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