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July 23, 2019

i’m gearing up to head to allegan flea market next weekend. (PS if you want to know where all the flea markets are subscribe to my flea market alert list or join my flea market insider group) i haven’t had a ton of luck in the past month but the more i’m out and about the more specific the things i am looking for gets.

i am currently on the hunt to replace the cabinet in my front entryway with something that has a little more storage (maybe for shoes/barn boots etc) and something long and narrow that can fit a tv on it in my screen room. so far i have had zero luck. so if anyone sees anything in the wild… let me know.

however in terms of kitchen supplies i’ve found a few treasures. I am collecting the red and white stripe hazel atlas glasses for pentwater and was able to add two to my collection for under $10 which is a good deal. I also found this patina sterling silver flatware for 3/$1. My other big score was this photo of a woman shaving her husbands beard for $1! i have a friend who’s husband owns a barber shop in town and i thought this would be a cute little addition to their collection. plus you can’t beat one george washington. i think my biggest bargain of the month though were these original label jelly jars 2/$5! they look so cute in my glass cabinets along side all of the jewels that i self canned. the prickly pear one isn’t really my style but i love that it was a souvenir that someone brought home because the souvenirs i usually take home are also food related (honey, spices etc).

June Flea Market Finds Old Barber shop photo

two of my “splurges” from this month are the cake and bundt tins. the cake tin matches the set of flour and sugar ones that i have and i just loved the color of the bundt one. they were $20 each which is a bit more than what I typically spend but i really loved the color and they make great, cute kitchen storage. another splurge was this white ironstone pitcher. granted it was only $14 but a splurge because the last thing i need (along with everything else in these pictures) is another white ironstone pitcher. but it’s all part of hoarding… i mean collecting, isn’t it?

when i think of the things that i really love to do, i mean really find absolute joy in, antiquing has to be one of them. the moment i went to my first allegan flea market i was hooked. and now it’s become a fun thing i do with joe and otto. otto loves finding anything mickey mouse at the markets and joe has a good eye for vintage art (as well as big muscles for lifting heavy pieces). when i look at these finds i think about the great day we had together. even if it’s one of the rare moments where i get alone time. it’s just the thrill of the hunt. and i’m addicted. what gives you all this feeling? when are you most in your element? I sincerely hope you get the opportunity to do that as often as you can.

June Flea Market Finds Vintage Jelly Jar with Beautiful Label June Flea Market Finds Glassware With Original Labels June Flea Market Finds Glassware With Original Labels June Antique Flea Market Finds Vintage Prickly Pear Jam Canning Jar

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