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August 28, 2017

the only distinction for me right now between the week and weekend is having papa joe home with us. the days just seem to blur together and just like that otto turned a month old this weekend. joe and i decided it was time to get out of the house which is easier said than done. friday night we had fruity pebbles in bed and went to sleep at 8pm to get ahead on sleep and wake up saturday somewhat refreshed.

saturday morning the three of us went to the kalamazoo farmers market for a change of scenery. we didn’t really need anything because i had gone to the market earlier that week but it was fun to walk around and check it out. we got a pizza from the food truck there for lunch and a fresh squeezed lemonade. the market was different than i expected and by the time we got there around 1pm a lot of vendors were packing up for the day. the set up was different than holland, muskegon, grand rapids in that it was a bit more of an urban setting and tightly packed but i loved all the variety they allowed in there. i saw some of the most beautiful stand set ups and i loved all of the different food trucks that were parked there.

after touring the market we stopped at tiffany’s wine shop to pick up a few bottles. because after 9 months of sobriety i was out haha. we spent some time in there finding new varieties to try and stocking up on some old favorites. we love this shop because they have the best suggestions, reviews and recommendations. they also have an insane selection of liquor if you are in to the cocktail scene. after that we headed home and the boys took a nap while i ran around the allegan flea market before we packed up and headed to pentwater.

we got to pentwater around 8pm at night (have to drive/plan around otto’s feeds right?) while joe rode his bike to the antler bar to pick up dinner i fed otto and got everything ready for the night. we ate cheeseburgers in bed and then started the night shift. (are you sensing a pattern here? We eat a lot of meals now in bed lol). we spent the morning snuggled in all together before getting dressed and headed to lunch at gulls landing. we did a little shopping at the toy store (storybook village) downtown for otto and my nephew (and nephew we thought was coming that day!) before heading to visit some of our friends. late friday night we got a text that my sister in law was in labor and admitted to the hospital. it was a little scary because it was exactly a month ahead of schedule. she progressed very quickly throughout the night but after she had the epidural it just kind of stopped. she actually regressed and they sent her home after almost 24 hours in the hospital. it was such a bummer but we are grateful that the baby is going to grow a little more before making his debut.

we went around and visited our friends, sat at the marina a bit before packing up and heading home. we stopped at my parents house on the way to check out my little brothers new build and have some pizza before finally getting home around 10pm. we might have stretched it a little far as we are both exhausted but it did feel nice to have a little bit of normalcy. (whatever that means anymore). haha.


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