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August 25, 2017

registering for a baby is hard when you’re a new mom that really doesn’t have a clue of what you actually need for a baby. in all reality you need diapers, wipes and bottles. but there are things that make the winding streets of the mother hood easier to navigate around. i read countless mommy blogs, picked many friends brains at lunches and put together a sizable list of necessary (and tons of unnecessary things) for our registry. however we are just over 4 weeks into otto’s life and i have quickly found some of his favorites (and some of mine).

  1. Dock a Tot – i know the price tag on these is high but i am finding it’s worth every penny. i didn’t even know they existed and my sister in law kept saying she wishes they were around when she had her first baby. i got one from my mom as a shower gift and i have to say, the rage about them is right on. i use it mostly when i’m doing projects around the house and do not feel like moving his bassinet around (or putting him on the floor). a lot of times i’ll be in bed watching tv or just relaxing and he loves being squeezed right in between the pads. in fact the little meatloaf wiggles all the way down to the bottom so his arms and legs are tightly sandwhiched in the dock. sometimes when he’s fussy and i can’t calm him down i snuggle him in to the dock a tot and he goes right to sleep. he’s a sweaty little dude and this also keeps him a lot cooler than his bassinet does. i would say if you have a fussy baby, it’s worth the pretty penny.
  2. fisher price rock and play – this was an unexpected hit. it stayed in the box until this past week. little otto has been having reflux issues so after he eats we need to keep him elevated after feedings. this vibrating rocking sleeper was an instant hit with him. the soft vibrations quickly puts him to sleep and he doesn’t make a peep when he’s in it. it also keeps him at a nice upright comfortable position. i think the price is well worth it compared to other sleepers of it’s style. priced at under $100 and super lightweight it’s worth it.
  3. little unicorn swaddles – i think i registered for one in each color and i’m glad i did. these come in so handy when swaddling on a hot night or covering a car seat or stroller from the sun. the fabric is a nice loose weave and easy to let air in and out. they wash up really nicely and you can never have enough of these. if you’re local we sell them at the found cottage and echobuns in holland also sells them.
  4. bassinet –  i saw this at pottery barn kids and i had to have it. it’s super lightweight (sensing a trend here?) and comes apart (the bassinet from the base) so you can easily move it around to different parts of the house. unexpectedly my favorite part of the thing is the wheels. when i’m half asleep i can pull it closer and move it away to get out of bed. i like that it doesn’t take up a ton of space and looks really nice and intentional in the bedroom. it almost looks like an heirloom piece. it’s a bit on the pricey side but i love the style and function of it.
  5. stylish and functional diaper bag – i found one i loved at the kate spade outlet. it’s a navy and blue plaid and has a ton of compartments but isn’t the size of a duffel bag. i have found that the more compartments the easier it is to remember everything when you are on your way out the door and to stay organized with it. plus this one isn’t overly girly and joe doesn’t mind carrying it around.
  6. even flo pro series pivot stroller –  this stroller system is amazing. end of story. the car seat clicks into the stroller base and then clicks into the base that stays in your car. it also comes with an additional bassinet option that morphs into a toddler seat as the baby grows. with the click of a button in the back of the seat it snaps into place. the stroller base folds in half with the lift of a simple lever. i love all of the different seating and position options for baby too that this stroller morphs into. it’s intimidating at first but once you read the instructions it’s super simple.

there are countless other things that i registered for that you can take it or leave it but these 6 things i have found to be the most useful thus far. ps. lets you put together one registry from as many stores as you want. super handy to give out one link and have everything in one place.

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  1. Tara says:

    where is that lovely buffalo blanket from? is it a swaddle?

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