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May 11, 2021

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a child get so excited over a new jute rug for his bedroom that he doesn’t even sleep in than Otto. When he walked into his bedroom after I put the rug down he yelled “MOM! Did you order this for me?! Thank you! I love it! It’s so cute!”. I asked him if maybe he wanted to sleep in his own room with it that night. “No thanks, this is my (diaper) changing room”. We’ll keep working on that. Otto’s bedroom and my home office next door were both rooms that were put on by previous owners when they built an addition on the house. Both have hardwood floors and tend to get a little drafty in the colder months. I was looking for something durable and inexpensive because well…toddlers you know?

Inexpensive Jute Rug

I have had a few jute rugs being used both in our shop and in our home. Otto’s room is busy with the sheep wallpaper and buffalo check curtains. The Jute rug’s muted color provides a clean space that almost blends with the floor and doesn’t take away from the fun and busy designs from the rest of the room. When we were creating Otto’s nursery space we didn’t know the sex of our baby so we focused on making things gender neutral and creating a versatile space for years to come.

The black and white sheep wallpaper is from wallpaper direct and his bed is from target. The collie rug is vintage and I found it years and years ago at the Allegan Antique Market. It layers perfectly over the jute rug  at the foot of his bed (that I can’t get him to sleep in). I miss flea markets… I remember the exact row I bought the collie rug. Unlike most rugs, it wasn’t being used to protect breakables. It was laying flat out on a table full of other primitive items with a sticker on it that said $20. It’s an old one but a good one.

Unlike antique rugs, jute rugs are meant to hold up to a lot of traffic. We use them quite frequently at The Found Cottage for that very reason. They also do not show a lot of the typical stains and spills that can ruin a wool or other high quality fiber rug.

The other plus? Jute rugs are a lot cheaper than your typical wool or other fiber rug. The one that I purchased from wayfair was under $60.

Sheep theme gender neutral bedroom

Jute rugs do let off little fibers especially underneath the rug but hey, what’s a few more fibers to vacuum up with the cheerios and veggie straw crumbs? Some rugs let off more than others but so far the let off from this rug has been pretty minimal. Most of the fibers fall off underneath the rug so they’re not visible until you either move or pick up the rug. Jute rugs do not work well with moisture so make sure you are not using them in your bathroom or other areas that have a lot of water traffic (pool areas etc).

When I had a few serious spills on other jute rugs I took them outside and sprayed them down with the hose and left to dry in the sun before bringing back inside. It’s not the easiest or best way to clean but it worked in a moment of panic.

Great places to shop for Jute rugs are:

Maybe someday I can convince Otto to sleep in his own room… I’m considering buying him an even bigger bed so I can lay with him until he falls asleep and then go back to my room? Toddlers are stubborn and Otto will do things when he decides the time is right. Until then… I’ll sleep with a tiny foot in my rib and at least his “changing room” stays clean.

Otto and his new Jute Rug for his gender neutral sheep bedroom

Vintage Collie Rug layered with Jute Rug


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