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June 22, 2017

our first step in getting started on the nursery was to call the exterminator. glamorous i know. and once that was all taken care of (listen, farmhouse problems aka field mice).. once that was all taken care i felt like i could move on to getting started taking care of the nursery. it was a bit hard to decide on a theme/colors etc because we don’t know what we are having (even though i’m convinced in my head it’s a boy). i thought black is chic and neutral and always slimming. oh wait, talking about baby room here. well… hopefully having a black room will make me look skinny after this baby comes haha.

i knew i wanted to do something with a statement and something that was meaningful or fitting for our house. i am obsessed with my sheep and most of my farm animals in general so i thought sheep was a sweet theme for a baby room and when i found this wallpaper i was hooked. like no turning back. i had to have it. i scoured the wallpaper direct site for a good few hours just to make sure but i kept coming back to this paper. it was perfect. and i feel like it can stay up for a long time. it’s not so specifically baby.


the wallpaper calculator was super simple to use and their customer service helped me verify the quantity of rolls i needed. (math was never my strong suit). the wallpaper came within a week and it was absolutely beautiful. now if only it came with someone to install it. luckily my mom’s friend carolyn is a perfectionist when it comes to wallpaper and she lent us a helping hand. and by helping hand i mean did all of it. she did a perfect job. the seams are all matched up perfectly… i could have never done this. once the wallpaper was hung i really just went to town shopping around for the goldfish. i was obsessed with this crib and had to make it work. it’s this beautiful metal rose gold crib. it weighs like a million pounds (or 70) and is just absolutely stunning. i’m thinking about accessorizing with an emerald green or a maroon red…. which i still think are totally gender neutral.
nurseryi still need a few bigger things like a changing table, dresser and a new fan. this one isn’t bad but it’s not my favorite especially with the rose gold crib. i want something a little more modern. the curtains i ordered online and are a large print black and white buffalo check. my friend dann urged me to go with a contrasting pattern. you know i like to mix and match and i’m obsessed with the way they really popped against the wallpaper and gave it a little edgy country look. i’m excited to keep going and put away all of the goldfishes things and get organized but i think this is a pretty good start!

HUGE thanks to wallpaper direct for helping me out with this room. Be sure to check out their site for an amazing selection of wallpaper and more! 

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  1. Deb Andre says:


  2. Holly Meeuwsen says:

    I’ve been working with wallpaper direct, too, for my own bedroom. I am terribly intimidated by wallpaper paste and measuring and hanging and all of it. Sigh….
    Alas, I love your choices. I love everything rose gold so ….. that crib! Have you considered placing it smack dab in the center of your room? I kind of love a crib in the center like that.

    • Stacey says:

      Love the idea of putting the crib in the center. Maybe a big round cozy rug and the crib on top of that?!

  3. Girl, this nursery is so so good. My Mom also has a sheep herd and she would adore this wallpaper. Love the mixed prints!

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