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June 23, 2017

i popped open my phone calendar this morning and was absolutely elated to see that the only thing scheduled was my baby shower this sunday. that means almost an entire weekend of NO PLANS! that means almost an entire weekend of hanging out at the farm working in the garden and getting things ready for the gold fish.

tonight we are going out with some friends for dinner after work. not sure where yet but stay tuned. i’m feeling something beachy and maybe somewhere we haven’t been before. suggestions along the lakeshore? we typically hit up itty bitty bar, the southerner, salt of the earth… what are we missing?

tomorrow morning and afternoon i’m going to be working in my garden. the much needed rain brought about a much unwanted pile of weeds. luckily we planted the rows far enough apart where we could just rototill right in the middle of them. but now i have to pick in between the flowers. which there are worse things. like having to pick in between the rows too. i’m lucky to have joe home this weekend too to help me with it. bending over to pick weeds is a little more difficult these days.

i’m not sure if we are going to go out again or stay in. part of me wouldn’t mind heading to kalamazoo and hitting up a restaurant down there. i haven’t been to rustica or principle in forever. we’ll see how tired we are after working.

we have been getting up super early to take turns feeding the lamb that was rejected by her mama. since we’ve started doing that though the lamb has been gaining wait and starting to perk up more. we haven’t separated her yet because as long as she gets fed she leaves betty alone and plays with her siblings. we’re keeping a close eye on her though!

sunday afternoon is our baby shower with my side of the family and some friends. i’m super excited to see everyone and celebrate goldfish’s pending arrival (and of course mow down some old goat appetizers). we had a shower this week with joeys family and my friends at work and it’s been so nice to have the support of friends and family with this baby. it makes everything even more real than the day before.

sunday night i’m sure will involve putting away baby toys and figuring things out! have i mentioned i’m so looking forward to this weekend?

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