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June 27, 2017

let me begin this with saying that i’m ok, baby goldfish is ok, we’re all doing good today but just feeling a little sore and stiff. yesterday did NOT go as i had planned it to go. i mean few things ever really do but in this case. nope. i spent my morning before work doing chores, saying goodbye to joe who was leaving for an overnight charity golf outing and quick picking up before the cleaning crew arrived. none of this really put me in a good mood. especially the cleaning part. i have meetings first thing monday mornings which always put me on edge because i like to use my mornings to get organized for the day and week. so needless to say i was not in a good place when i got in the car to leave.

i sat in my driveway and took a few deep breaths and said “abby you need to change your attitude” the sun was shining, the house was going to be clean when i get home, i have an entire night with the house to myself. i needed to perk up. (as instagram as my witness, i even posted i gave myself a pep talk so you know it’s true lol). i decided i was going to get starbucks this morning and bring some for my coworkers. that should put me in a better mood. i was going to get myself a hot coffee and splurge on a butter croissant. i mean i’m big now anyway might as well treat myself a bit.

i pulled off the exit ramp into the far right turning lane and waited because the light was red. i was watching oncoming traffic hoping to sneak in a bit early when i looked into my rearview mirror and saw a truck behind me slow down and then accelerate! right into the back of my van. guys, in typical accident situations i’m cool as a cucumber. i’ve been in so many fender benders i can’t even begin to count. however all that was going into my head was the baby. i have been absolutely terrified to get in an accident ever since the doctors told me i’m at a risk for pre term labor and that i needed to be careful. i’ve always had it stuck in my head that an accident would be terrible.

i really did try to remain calm but this overwhelming fear ran over me and i couldn’t catch my breath. i could barely talk i was crying so hard. i just was so shocked and scared. the guy from the truck came over and asked if i was ok. and i just couldn’t calm down enough to asses the situation right there. i was getting a bit upset with myself even. finally i told the guy i’m freaking out because i’m pregnant. and he said “my wifes pregnant too i would be freaking out” i don’t remember much of what i said but what i do remember saying is “oh really asshole? you don’t look like you’re freaking out! Go sit in your truck and call the cops I don’t want to talk to you”. i was so angry. i called my doctors office right away and went through a little assessment on the phone. praise God baby was kicking and there was not any signs of trauma or pre term at that moment. the more i started to calm down the more ok i felt things were going to be.

the cop came who was anything but sympathetic and wrote the guy behind me a ticket. he did come to apologize and actually was a very nice boy. i didn’t feel bad for him at all because all i wanted to do was stomp the $hit out of his phone. but he did seem genuinely sorry. the car was still very drivable so i went to the doctors office for an exam which turned out great then headed to the hospital for a few hours to get a non stress test. i did have a few contractions but they were so minimal i didn’t even know they were happening. i just thought they were movement. after about 3 hours we were released and my mom took me to get some lunch and then back to her house overnight to rest.

on our way out to my parents house though we witnessed two different times cars speed through red lights and dodge the car in front of us. i don’t know if it was a full moon or what but people PLEASE do not be looking at your phones while driving. i’m guilty of it too (not anymore though!) the repercussions of what could have happened are just not worth it.

so anyway i’m feeling good and baby’s feeling good and we are going to assume normally scheduled programing. starting with friday night which now seems like an eternity ago.

we met up with some friends at the sandy point beach house in west olive (near hudsonville). we had a good time just talking and catching up. the food was decent (worth giving another chance) but the ambiance was a lot of fun. we sat outside by the bocce ball courts and enjoyed the summer air. we actually closed the place down haha. PS if you are a non drinker they have a great list of mocktails.

saturday morning joe and i worked in the garden all day together pulling weeds and picking up around the outside of the house. we cleaned up and went out for an amazing dinner at salt of the earth. i know i know. but honestly it’s one of my favorite weekend rituals. the food is always good and we just unwind and enjoy the time we have together. which is less and less each day.

sunday morning i woke up super early and went to the allegan flea market and walked around. walked around until my back really couldn’t take it anymore haha. this kid is slowing me down a bit. i got home around 8am (perks of living next door) and joe and i had breakfast on the porch together and read a little bit before heading off to the late morning service. after church joe headed out to meet up with the boys at the hunting property and i went to meet up with my friends and family at the old goat for my baby shower.

it was absolutely beautiful. we had a great afternoon talking about the goldfish, catching up and sharing advice. i am so grateful to everyone who came. i never really thought much about showers but sitting there surrounded by friends and family i just felt this overwhelming sense of pride as these are the people that are going to have influence in our childs life. it was very special to me and i’m so thankful.

after the shower my entire family came back to our house to empty the car and eat left overs. we took my little nephew out to see all the animals. it’s nice to have him over he’s like a little test run for what we are going to need to kid proof in our house. things like how he can open a window and let the dogs in from the window. that was new and innovative.

after joe and i left we sat on the floor of the nursery and just looked at everything for the baby and tried to figure out how to make sense of it all. we decided to do that part later and went to plainwell ice cream for a double scoop. it was such a wonderful weekend.

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