thirty five weeks


June 28, 2017

i hope the goldfish is born on a day just like today. this morning (hope i’m not jinxing myself) has been absolutely perfect. woke up early to get chores done, had breakfast with joe with the windows open and then stopped at the holland farmers market before sitting down to emails and a large iced almond milk vanilla latte. why is it that a good coffee makes answering work emails enjoyable? i was drinking the straight up coffee but this raging heart burn has put the kabash on that.

not today, but i hope in the future our kiddo is born on a day just like this. where the world just seems a little more right than normal. (watch today i get fired or something haha).

we are starting to settle in and i have officially 100% entered full on nesting mode. i had someone come and clean our house because i suck at it. and i don’t want to. shine is coming to power wash the house and windows and tonight i’m canning the last of my strawberries and washing all of the wonderful items we received from our baby showers. i do this with no make up because the pregnancy hormones get the best of me and every time i fold those sweet little pants and pajamas i start to cry.

this week of high 60’s low 70’s has greatly helped my feet swelling. i’m soaking up the last of it because after the storms roll through tonight we are supposed to pop right back up to mid 80’s and humidity. i can handle the 80’s it’s just the humidity that gets to me (and my feet). at least it will be warm enough for swimming again though. this week we also start birthing class. i know that many people said they never took them etc but joe and i haven’t changed a diaper in 10 years and i want to know as much as possible as to how this is all supposed to go. aka when do i get the epidural. on monday after the accident i was having (very very small) contractions and i didn’t even know what they were supposed to feel like. i feel like that is something i should probably know otherwise i’ll end up giving birth on my newly cleaned bathroom floor.

what i’m saying is we are going to lean on the side of over prepared rather than chancing it.

i’m still heading to the doctor twice a week for non stress tests which is my new favorite time because it’s always during the time the pioneer woman is on and i get to sit and listen to the babies heart beat for an hour before heading back to work. i go to zeeland for that and again i’m really sad to not be delivering there because the nurses are so amazing and nice there.

other than all that goodness we wait! we have our next meeting with the specialist and ultrasound july 11 to see how the goldfish is positioned. part of me things the bugger is still breech because something has for sure been jammed into my ribs for a while. happy thirty five weeks!

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