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July 5, 2017

is anyone else completely flipped upside down on their schedules right now? having a random tuesday off has completely thrown me for a loop i woke up today thinking i had to go to church, not because i’ve particularly sinned more than normal but because i thought it was a sunday lol. however it is wednesday and on wednesdays the nifty little nuture app i use to tell me how pregnant i am switches over to the new week. so today is wednesday and i am officially thirty six weeks pregnant.

i’m feeling good for the most part really my only complaint is my super swollen feet that fit into nothing but flip flops. the swelling doesn’t really hurt they just feel super tight. which is just meh uncomfortable. there are definitely worse things that could be going on. also making their grand debut this week are stretch marks. just a few under my belly button but they’re there. no matter how much cream and oils i lathered on since week 12 crossing my fingers they’d work they’re here. i’ve always struggled with my body image and i’m working through it. i know it seems small and petty and will probably be the last thing i think about until after the baby come but we as women (at least myself) put a lot of pressure on ourselves and it’s hard to adjust what you find beautiful about your body. these new marks, scars, stretches that are creating something so wonderful leave you with a bit of a head game to deal with.

as we get closer to the due date of the goldfish (who i feel is coming just a wee bit earlier than predicted) i have a few major things i need to check off my list this week. i would like to get our hospital bag packed and ready to go. you just never know when the time will come and babies with congenital heart issues have a tendency to come a bit early. i also would like to get a bunch of baby (and my) laundry done and ready to go. organize the nursery a bit more and just be a bit more settled.

doctor wise i’m still getting the amazing non stress tests twice a week. i think these might be God’s way of giving you a sliver of silver lining for all the appointments dealing with goldfish’s heart. i basically lay there for 45 minutes (always while pioneer woman is on) and listen to the tank engine sound of goldfish’s heart plug away. it’s a nice little forced rest during the week. we have 3 more parenting/birth classes left (counting this thursdays) and then one more specialist check up next week to see if the little bugger is still breech. which I am no doctor but i will be SHOCKED if it flipped. it seems to adore being lodged into my left rib. unless it’s their butt. in which case, goldfish if i have confused your head for your butt, my apologies.

and then today….. today i get to go get a fun little test where apparently they are going to be messing around in my unmentionables. i have a new rule that i am putting into effect today. anytime i have an appointment that involves anywhere from my knees to my belly button, i get to by myself a present. this should work out really well in my favor because i have a lot of those coming up. visa and anthropologie better prepare themselves.

things are swimming right along otherwise (pun intended) and we are anxiously awaiting the goldfishes arrival (but need at least one more week) oh and we need to make it through labor class on thursday. happy wednesday!

PS recommendations for things to pack for hospital? 

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  1. Sarah says:

    Hospital bag. I brought my toiletries, some makeup to make me feel a little better about my swollen self (never did use any!), most comfortable pair of maternity pants (especially if you’re a c section!!!!), for baby we brought for all three of ours a couple outfits, the blanket and lovely we wanted them to attach to and that’s it. Oh and a car seat at pick up!

  2. Dana says:

    I’m in the same pregnant boat as you are, though two weeks ahead. I couldn’t agree more with the sense of adjusting to all the physical changes. It’s certainly a minor yet additional curve ball to navigate. Here’s to hoping our strength in pregnancy, delivery and newborn life over shadows whatever physical shape we might be left with!

    The most unique things in my hospital bag are honey sticks (to replenish/give energy during labor), a couple note cards with different mantras on them to help get me through and a picture of a beach up north that brings me a lot of peace that hopefully I can focus on to find relaxation.

  3. Stormie says:

    Don’t pack too much for the hospital. I wore their gowns and brought my own robe. It’s nice to have your own pillow. Bring nursing bras and if you have a c-section lots of adult diapers that go way over your belly. They’ll give you a lot of things at the hospital.

  4. Alison vanMelle says:

    My baby is also breech. Already being a pain in the butt (literally and figuratively)….. 36 weeks 3 days today!!! I’m just trudging along with you! Bring baby fingernail clippers. They won’t trim their nails for you and they come out like daggers Also I would recommend a dress to leave in, and if your cool with rocking the hospital undies they are going to give you I wouldn’t worry about leaving in anything fancy. Also bring a super soft bra, no underwire. When your milk comes in your going to want something super comfy! Hair ties, (headband ) and I brought my own travel toiletries; shampoo, conditioner so I could freshen up before going home.

  5. Abby deRoo says:

    Phone charger
    Handheld mirror so you can see if/how bad your mascara ran during labor since you won’t be getting out of bed to go to the bathroom/check the mirror for a few hours.
    Thank you cards (I liked to leave notes for my fav nurses)
    And obvi clothes for you & baby but you prob won’t use nearly as many things as you think you will.

    And as for the swollen feet. Mine swell terribly when I’m pregnant too but prepare yourself because your hands and feet will get even more swollen from the IV fluids that they give you (even if you have a natural birth.) and they stay swollen for like a week after delivery!

    You look beautiful and you’ll do great!

  6. Jo Nelson says:

    Here’s how I looked at stretch marks and any residual effects from being pregnant. I earned each and every one of them! Really, how often are you going to wear a bikini in public and if you still do, so what! You worked hard for those marks and they bear witness to what you have accomplished. I’m now almost 70 and I feel the same about wrinkles, gray hair, forgetfulness, etc. This is who I am and if people don’t like it, I don’t need them in my life. Be proud of (and what) you’ve become, and focus on being the best mama and wife you can be. Congrats and I can’t wait to see that little goldfish!

  7. Hi! I follow on IG and just started following your blog on bloglovin’! I love that you call the little babe, “goldfish”. Cheers to nearing the finish line!

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