thirty four


June 21, 2017

here we are again. seriously the time went by so fast that i skipped right over week 33! the days seem so long but the time just flew by. and now we are at thirty four weeks. that means baby could honestly now really come at any time. my feet say they’d be just fine with that but goldfish needs to cook in there a bit more. the longer he/she (i still think he) is in there the healthier and stronger they’ll be when they get here. i can honestly say that i feel like i’m growing by the day now. one morning i went to work with an inny belly button and came home with an outie. the movements also feel different to me. where as before they were little patters and now they are like full on rib jabs.

monday while i was in a staff meeting i could feel that goldfish had hiccups. it’s nestled right up in my left side and has been for a while which makes me feel that it’s still breech. (i’m no doctor though). my stomach would flicker just a little bit with each hiccup that i really couldn’t tell you what was going on the rest of that meeting. there will be times though where a kick or movement will be so hard i’m like what in the world are you doing in there?! on saturday the movements were so strong i googled what the early stages of labor were like. (didn’t have the actual signs btw) i guess the goldfish dislikes steaming clothes as much as i do.

we making progress with the nursery. i’m hoping to snap a few pictures of it tonight to show you. my pregnancy hormones make me cry every time i walk into it. i still need a few key pieces like a rocking chair… suggestions? and a changing table. the one i want is a little pricy so i might shop for a few alternatives. i mean it’s white? how hard can it be? (famous last words)

my lovely friends at work are throwing a lunch for joe and i and the goldfish today and then sunday is the shower with my side of the family and friends. honestly it feels so good to be surrounded by people who are going to be a part of our kids life. i got a little weepy at last nights shower when i opened the gift from joe’s grandma and it was a handmade blanket, sweater and bonnet. like in my head i was like “oh crap tears…paper airplanes paper airplanes paper airplanes” aka stuff that doesn’t make me want to cry. these hormones are no joke btw. i’m just glad they are turning me into sentimental abby instead of evil abby. (don’t ask joe about that one).

thank you everyone for your continued prayers and encouragement for us and the goldfish. we are getting non stress tests twice a week now which are basically just super awesome time outs where i get to listen to the heart beat and watch food network in a hospital bed for an hour. (i asked if i could continue these after the baby was here) (that answer was no). we have our next appointment with the specialist mid july to check in and see how goldfish is growing and to see if he/she is still breech. then just the regular check ups with my doctor. side note: i was able to continue to see her for my regular office visits. even though we won’t have a chance for her to deliver at least we still get the opportunity to have her as part of the process and have someone we trust with questions.

we are tying up the lose ends, trying to get things in order, “nesting” if you will and enjoying these last few weeks as a family of two.

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