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August 11, 2020

I am not one of those people that changes things up on a regular basis. I agonize over putting a hole in the wall and getting things just right and then leaving it that way for years and years. I finally on Sunday, on a whim, took down the gallery wall that was in the formal dining room. I am itching to do something creative in the house but trying to hold off because we are going to be remodeling some parts of the house and I don’t want to spend my time doing something only to take it down again.

We are busy making a list of all the remodel projects that we want to get done, setting a budget and seeing how far that gets us. Our first priority is going to be windows. So many of the windows in our house are rotted out and in the end it will save us money on energy costs. We installed geothermal two summers ago and while it works awesome (especially that air conditioning) it will be even better when it’s not leaking through the windows.

we’ve lived in this old farmhouse now for 6ish years and it’s finally time to tackle some of the bigger remodel projects.

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I have been visiting my favorite antique stores and drawing inspiration on what we would like to do. Other than windows we are going to be focusing our energy on the kitchen area as well as the bathrooms. If there are any funds left then we are going be looking to finish the pool area and patch some of the brick. Oh and a new paint job for the house. An old house is truly a labor of love because honestly, it just feels like we pour money into it. It’s a good thing she’s cute.

So here is our running list of wish list items for this old house

  1. windows
  2. patch brick
  3. deck replacement of rotting boards
  4. kitchen remodel
  5. finish upstairs bathrooms
  6. paint hallway
  7. replace carpet
  8. finish pool area
  9. paint house

These probably will not all get done at once but at least we will be getting new windows right?

Courtesy of covid everything is getting pushed back so what was supposed to be happening this summer is likely going to happen this fall / spring.

has anyone else had building and remodel plans moved because of covid? Can’t wait to share when we can get started!

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