25 weeks


April 20, 2017

you guys. how did i get to be 25 weeks pregnant? (don’t answer that). this morning i was putting on my sandals and this is the first time i actually had to rethink my strategy with tying the buckle a bit. every day it becomes a bit more and more real that this babe is coming. i have finally started to feel the movements and sometimes if i’m laying still enough i can just see the faintest tap. it’s usually while i’m watching my 600 lb life. it’s kind of convenient that it happens then because sometimes when i’m watching my 600 lb life (on TLC wednesdays at 8pm) i feel like i should be on it. then the babe moves and i’m like, right. temporary.

it’s been surprisingly hard to find cute maternity clothes. i mean there are tons of basics from the gap and h & m. I have found a few cute things from ASOS and madewell actually but other than that everything is sooo… make my stomach look like a present. last night was pretty comical. i had the house to myself and i had two boxes of clothes from J.crew and Madewell and i tried on this knit dress from madewell. i ordered it because it was a looser fitting cable knit dress.

it was probably the worst thing i could have tried on at this stage in my life. it was like a chunky knit afghan barrel dress. plus it was the exact color of my skin. it was quite the get up. i did find some awesome dresses though that will work for now and after pregnancy. the classic jersey knit dresses at madewell are amazing i just sized up. i also have this awesome line at the store called z supply and it fits awesome. doesn’t make me look like a tent and actually gives me a little bit of a figure.

as far as prepping at home for the goldfish… we called an exterminator does that count? i figured the first step was to get that completely taken care of. (if you have an old farmhouse you know how it goes). i also decided on a wallpaper.. can’t wait to show you all! but so far that is about it!

been feeling good and keeping up my workout routine. definitely have been having the cravings (usually for ice cream) but have been able to keep them at bay for now haha. my goal is to stick as close to that range as possible given by my doctor. as best i can. things happen right? right.

ps this dress i bought a few years from jb and me it’s a michael stars dress (also have it in black) that seeemed to still fit. don’t mind my pale white legs haha.


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  1. Heather says:

    Hi Abby! I’m 22 weeks pregnant and have the same problem with clothes! Can you link your madewell and michael Stars stuff that you have!! You look adorable!

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