a weekend of hibernation


February 19, 2018

this was yet another weekend of hibernation. which it’s quickly becoming a season of hibernation. but after getting the flu and feeling how long it takes just to even feel like 90% better i have no desire for anyone else in my family especially otto to come down with this gross sickness. luckily i was able to get tamiflu within the first few hours of coming down with it which i greatly think reduced the duration of mine. that and THE FLU SHOT. the doctors said that even though the flu shot is not exactly preventing the flu it certainly is taming the intensity of the symptoms. if what i had was the tame version… i do not want the real version.

bottom line, get the shot and wash your hands.

as stir crazy as we are getting we have made a decision to just not go out if we don’t have to especially with otto until the threat has passed. i’m not just saying it because i am now a germaphob but the flu’s impact on otto could be really really dangerous and it’s just not worth it to us. so home we stay. we’ve become a bit creative though around here.

i think i have cooked through every magazine, book and article i’ve ever clipped. which i keep getting asked how i lost my pregnancy weight so fast. i honestly think it’s a combo of pumping, stress and just not going out to eat not even 10% as much as i used to. which i miss but meh my pants fit. so there is that.

this weekend we mostly stayed home and did little things around the house. we moved a cabinet in and filled it with all of our barware and books etc. we moved the lockers in to the living room and re arranged a few things there. saturday morning i did go in to the shop for a bit which is nice seeing as how i was out of everything for 6 days. i quick stopped by an antique store in grand rapids to check out my friends new booth space and ended up coming home with a totally awesome mirror for the dinette area.

we cooked dinner at home each night, drinking wine and watching the olympics. i think we are both a bit fearful of what we are going to fall asleep to once the olympics are done!

yesterday though was probably one of the best days we’ve had in a while. which doesn’t say much because we are just coming out of the week from hell. it was 45 and sunny so we suited up and went to these beautiful trails by the felt mansion in saugatuck. the trails wound through the woods and down to frozen lake michigan. it was absolutely stunning. it felt so good to get fresh air and walk the sandy beaches. it might not be 70 degrees and spring break but it was just what we all needed to get out and about. after that we drove around and looked at houses and got some coffee before picking up our groceries and heading home. we made an amazing meat loaf (we are big meat loaf fans around here) (the food not the singer) (the meatloaf was a chipolte smoked cheddar) and you guessed it! we fell asleep watching the olympics.

i’m looking forward to a week of warmer weather and hoping that it cuts off this nasty cold and flu season.

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  1. Pam says:

    I made meatloaf also yesterday! We haven’t been going out and then only when necessary. Love your IG and blog ❤️

  2. Jessie says:

    Ack! I heard the flu was bad this year, I’m scared because I didn’t get the shot, but hoping like you that we get an early spring and the flu season is over. My friend believes that people get the flu in the winter months because people tend to drink less water and eat wayyy more sugar (think holidays) I found that sort of interesting. did you get the shot a while back?

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