a weekend of progress


December 4, 2017

i’m starting to learn and accept that otto is just otto and he will do things and make progress when he’s good and ready. i wish i would have let this sink in about two months ago. this weekend was so wonderful and otto did so good. i feel like lately that is our current metric for if we have a good time or not. if otto did good. this weekend he did. that little nugget makes me so proud. i keep reminding myself that he had open heart surgery two months ago and puts up with all my pushing and moving. he’s a stubborn dude and just consistently reminds me that he’ll do it on his own time. (wonder who he gets that from). we have been giving him drops of milk from a syringe and now just moved on to a bottle that you squeeze milk to help with the suck. otto didn’t entirely hate it! we are taking slow and small steps but just the fact that he is swallowing milk is such a HUGE deal. he has not done that in two months, basically since his surgery.

on friday night we did nothing. we didn’t cook, we didn’t go out. we ate chips and cheese and watched shark tank. we got addicted to that show while we were in the hospital with otto and now it’s like a comfort blanket. that when baths are done, bottles made, diapers changed (just otto) … we all get in to our jammies and watch an episode of shark tank. who knows? maybe otto will be like a young mark cuban and will pay his own way through college.

saturday morning i went into the shop and worked for the day. it was so nice and busy and everyone was shopping for christmas gifts. seriously, this is the best time to own a store. the hustle and bustle of the holidays, people are cheery and it’s fun to help people find the perfect gift. after the shop i headed home and we completed some projects around the house prepping for this big snow that is supposed to come soon. my parents offered to watch otto while we went to dinner so we brought him over around 5 and hit up the early bird special at the new Sonder in hudsonville. this is my second time in a week eating there. once for lunch and now for dinner. it’s such a nice little place so close to our shop!

sunday we woke up slow(ish) otto still eats at 6am and we stayed in bed and read for a few hours. we got up and made french toast before joe went out to cut wood for the wood stove and i cleaned out the upstairs spare bedrooms which are currently the random stuff purgatory and my office. i cleaned out both, made a donation pile and threw a bunch of junk away. FINALLY unpacked the last of my in home moving boxes (yea only took four years). it felt good to get some tasks accomplished. after that we went on the tour de grandparents with joe’s first and then to my parents house to celebrate december birthdays.


note: what do you meme is a hilarious game that i gave to my sisters boyfriend. however it is NOT appropriate to play with your grandma. too many sex jokes. went for a big laugh though. we had cake, we did the call santa app with my nephew. it was a good night.

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