baby’s first ride


March 29, 2017

so week by week ultrasound by ultrasound and the more things i’m asked to pee on… this baby gets more real every day. thanks to all of your help yesterday i finally have some direction in terms of nursery. we have the exterminator coming within the week to take care of the mice in the attic and basement once and for all so that’s good  (farmhouse problems) so i’d say we are well on our way to becoming parents.

i was SO excited when this cadillac of strollers “rolled” up at my house. talk about making baby seem more real. joe and i asked around to friends, family and internet and this Evenflo pivot stroller system had one of the best reputations out there. we left the box in the living room for a few days to let it’s arrival sink in. this was the first piece of “equipment” our goldfish received. it was a lot to take in at once lol.

sunday afternoon we decided it was time to unleash the beast. we opened the box and took it out piece by piece. of course if joe would have read the instructions first it would have been ready in like 5 minutes but alas he is a big strong man and can do it on his own. we sat there for a good 15 minutes wondering what the extra seat was. a bunch of geniuses we are it was a car seat! that’s right not only is this a fine wheeled mobile it comes with a car seat that clicks in and out of the stroller so you don’t disrupt bambinos travel style. in addition to the car seat feature the actual stroller has several positions that takes you all the way from infant to toddler. it faces forward and backward bassinet style and angled forward and back for toddler.

i love the idea of the bassinet style because it reminds me of those baby carriages from long ago but with the sleek and modernness of the new. what also impresses me was for the size and functionality of it the stroller could be picked up with one hand. i know, i’m really strong and stuff but it was actually super light. folds up to almost nothing for storage. joe was most impressed that it had a dad / baby cup holder.

of course once we got it all assembled the only natural thing to do was to take it outside and have timed races around our driveway. sort of like a work fire drill.

it’s crazy to think that in just 18 weeks we’ll have a little bambino to actually put in it. can’t wait!

Thank you to Evenflo for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

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