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August 10, 2016

you know what the least expensive update to any room is (in my opinion) ? pillows. i love pillows. i love pillows on my bed, on the floor, on the couch… i love pillows. i also love the concept of inserts and interchangeable covers. that way you can change them out seasonably/ mood wise and not have a gagillion pillows to keep stored away. most of mine come from west elm, cb2, pottery barn but i have a few amazing handmade ones from my friend sue of fabric scout studio. she makes all of the pennant pillows and amazing grain sack pillows. anyway i made a few updates to the bedroom to spruce it up before i bust out all the plaid.


i found this rug a few months ago at allegan for only $100. folks this is a vintage perfectly weathered 9×12 ish rug for only $100. i didn’t have a spot picked out for it when i bought it, i just new i had to have it. the rug i had upstairs in the bedroom was a 5×7 and it was just too small to fit under the couch so i moved that to the screen room and moved this big kahuna upstairs. (tip: i left this rug to dry out in the sun, febreezed the crap out of it and beat the tar out of it with a broom. not only did i feel that it got a good shake out, it helped me work out a lot of pent up aggression. joe was terrified. )

bedroom 3

anyways i’m loving the deep colors of blue contrasted with the slight salmon warm colors. it really ties into the rooms existing pieces i’ve found. (and it matches the painting of my lady on the wall…love her). plus… i’m a sucker for vintage rugs. why is it that i’m totally fine with vintage rugs (from a stranger) but i couldn’t wait to get the carpet from the previous owners out of the house?

anyway. back to pillows. i found all of these on clearance at my local west elm. i already had the inserts from before so all i had to do was change out the plaid ones i still had on from christmas (shame) and put on these pretty salmon and linen gray covers. i think it really brings out the rug don’t you? the pouf is also west elm (clearance!) and has traveled with me from the previous house. it goes with everything!

what do you think of this little update? what are some simple and quick ways you spruce up your space.


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  1. Baileywife @Irishman Acres says:

    That is your BEDROOM!?!?!! It’s huge!!! Love the new rug… I also love changing things up, sometimes by just switching rugs and pillows with different rooms gives me a whole new vibe. ~Kim

  2. Oh my god… Seriously – I’m also pillow obsessed. So much so, until now I haven’t felt comfortable sharing my addiction with the world!! I love this and the rug is a steal.

    This is so cute – and cheers to rug best therapy!!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Gorgeous! And WHOA, $100 for a rug that huge (and pretty) is a steal! You said you got it at Allegan…do you mean the antiques/flea market? I went there a couple of summers ago and fell in LOVE!

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