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September 21, 2017

today is one of the days we’ve been anticipating and dreading all at the same time. today we are meeting with our otto’s surgeon to talk about the pending surgery and hopefully get it scheduled. i hate the idea of having it on the books because that means it’s actually going to happen but at the same time i’m thankful because we can have a date to put behind us and this surgery is supposed to make my little guy better.

i’ve done a pretty good job of putting it into the back of my mind until the last few days. i keep telling myself there is no sense in dwelling on it until it’s actually here you know? i have had friends and family share amazing verses about trust and placing our fears with God. my mother in law sent me a devotional about david and goliath this morning. how many times have we heard this story? countless. however this morning the perspective was a bit different. the author heidi st. john points out that david never mentioned how big and scary goliath was but he acknowledged how strong and mighty God is  and had no fear in facing goliath the 9 foot giant with just a sling and a small pebble.

this meeting, this surgery, this heart condition, this unknown is our goliath. we are doing our absolute best to head into this with no (at least minimal fear), a clear head and peace.

today we are praying for

  1. a good meeting with the doctor – help us feel comfortable and confident with the surgeon and his plan
  2. optimistic meeting – praying that otto’s condition is not as bad as he originally though, otto is showing some improvement
  3. the ability to make the right decisions for otto.
  4. a date of the surgery

we will not know exactly what they need to do for otto until the actual surgery. the doctors have explained to us that sometimes they are operating and find that the valve is in worse condition or better condition and that can change the route of the surgery. it would be an absolute miracle that otto’s valve is in better condition and we are going to cling to that.

thank you so much for your encouragement and prayers. if you could say a prayer for us around 2pm we would greatly appreciate it.

if you would like to read the full david and goliath devotional from this morning click here.

“this is my command – be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go” Joshua 1:9 NLT


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  1. Cyndy Rosenberger says:

    Love the verse. My mom and I had the same one. David took down Goliath and so will you. Love and prayers your way

  2. jana dykstra says:

    I just happened (if you believe in coincidence) to check facebook at 12:55pm my time and saw this post. Praying for strength, peace and discernment for all of you!

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