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December 1, 2015

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sometimes things work out in interesting and mysterious ways.

like when you buy all brand new bedding a week before you get struck with the epic plague of 2015.

i never get sick but when i do it’s always around the holiday time.

one year i was so sick  i missed almost every christmas party. this time at least it’s after thanksgiving and before christmas.

bedding 3
ok back to bedding. when my friend liz was flipping through the winter pottery barn catalogue and i saw the entire magazine was covered in buffalo check. i had to have it. all. and i did. i splurged and bought every single piece of the bedding that was in the collection (minus the sheets)

this was my first time buying a duvet. i know right? i guess i remember my mom once saying “never buy duvets they just never lay right” and so i never paid attention to duvets. just quilts and actual comforters. however this duvet was different. it was begging to me. and when duvets went 20% off online and this one SOLD OUT i honestly left my desk and ran to the woodland mall pottery barn and snagged the last one they currently had in stock. it gives me this sort of hot cold sweat competitiveness that makes me say “back off…. this one is mine”.

bedding 2

gathering inspiration from the catalogue i loved all the mixture of plaids and patterns. surprisingly one of my favorites was this vintage deer toile type pattern. i love how it contrasts with the buffalo check and the other plaids. nothing is more comforting than a big giant nest of pillows. i know that pottery barn inserts can be kind of pricy but once you buy the set you really don’t need to buy them ever again. my inserts are almost 7 years old and they are still full of feathers and fluffy. most of them too fit other brand’s covers too. bonus.

bedding 1

this giant feed sack i found at the grand rapids antique market. my pal liz also has one in blue and she said they are the perfect size for body pillows.

boom she was right. since we don’t have a headboard (yet) it provides a nice little prop back for the rest of the pillows. and who doesn’t love a nice big body pillow?

bedding 4

to top if off i needed a new throw. not like i needed one but i had to have the st.jude sparkle knit throw from west elm. a portion of the proceeds goes to the children’s hospital which makes it even better right? it is currently sold out on line but there were still a few left in the grand rapids west elm!

what do you think? it’s been 6 years since i bought new bedding woah. how often do you buy new bedding?

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  1. Shawn says:

    Love all of it! We’re due for new bedding too. And a headboard. I’ve pinned so many ideas for headboards that I’ve just never been able to settle on one style and get it/make it. Hope you feel better soon. Holidays are the worst time to feel yucky. : (

  2. I’ve had the same duvet cover since I was a teenager, I have a really hard time finding one I like made out of the same fabric my current one has… And I don’t even know what it is haha.

  3. My sons would love these mixed with plaids as they are scottish lads!

  4. Megan says:

    Love the plaid! It’s so cozy. I bought new bedding about a year ago but I already want to buy a new duvet cover!

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