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August 24, 2016

seriously… my day started at 5am and i’m just sitting down to my computer before my next meeting at 11:15. better late than never though i guess right? I’ve been trying to bring my own food from home to work in an effort to not eat out as much. this is all fine and dandy but it actually involves a ton of planning. which time… is somewhat of a shortage at the moment.

so get this… last night joe comes in from feeding the animals before dinner and says…ugh baebae has a horn loose. what do you mean she has a horn loose? he responds she must have got into it with either another sheep or a wall because her horn is literally dangling by a thread. knowing that there was a potential for us to have to finish cutting it off… i said oh yea umm that happens all the time. it will just fall off like a tooth. you are lying joe said. i admitted yea i don’t know if i have the stomach to cut a horn off. we ate dinner really really really hoping that it would just magically fall off. when it didn’t… we got out the farm scissors and i held her down while joe finished cutting the horn off. we then treated it with the antiseptic crap and i was fighting down puke in my mouth. i’m good with many things. boogers, puke, turds etc but there is something about cuts and wounds i just can’t deal. on the bright side though we have a unicorn sheep. baebae just has one single horn.

it’s amazing what you can psych yourself up to do. like ok abby you just have to do this. grit your teeth and just trudge through it. (and then go throw up in the bushes).


annnnnyyyway lets move on to home decor shall we? as we find new and fun things for the house we are constantly changing it up. something just wasn’t right in the cocktail lounge about the bar being against the wall. it was almost too balanced having the bar on one wall and the lockers on the other. we decided to move the bar into the middle of the room in between the two windows and just far enough away from the wall so we could sneak in there and stock it.


we then hung one of my many vintage paintings of collies (this one looks the most like binks) on the wall behind the bar. i think he looks rather noble back there don’t you? naturally it wouldn’t be my house if there wasn’t an array of vintage clutter displayed everywhere things.

i stocked the bar from this awesome place in grandville (d.Schulers) and then all the rest is flea market finds (with the exception of the sign and holder (spring sweet) and the antler bottle opener (anthropologie). what do you think?


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  1. Sheri says:

    I think you are extremely talented. That’s what I think. I also think you have far more guts than I do. In fact that’s what I KNOW. I barely made it through a day of ninja fruit fly killer. Where’s a picture of the unicorn?

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