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September 19, 2019

I have been really trying to take care of my skin. A few years ago I started noticing sun spots on my hands and cheeks and I started to wear sunscreen every single day on my face and hands. With how much I am outside during the day it was much needed. You can visibly see two sun spots one under my eye on the left and my cheek on the right. That was enough for me to start taking skin scare seriously.

I’ve been testing out new products but when my friend Angela asked me to come in and get a consultation I was of course interested. You guys, Angela is so smart! She knows so much about skin care and treatments it blew my mind. She has even worked in formulation before opening Renewal Skin Spa in Cascade, Michigan.

Renewal Skin Spa sets themselves a part from others as a medical spa. They have a team of professionals like Debbie who is a nurse practitioner and Cate who is a registered nurse. They offer many different services and specialities when it comes to skin care.

I was there for two hours and when I left I was STUNNED at how different my skin looked. I couldn’t stop touching my face it was so smooth. I didn’t even wear foundation the rest of the day. I couldn’t wait to share what we did that day but I wanted to make sure I had all the correct information for you. Here is the complete process of what treatments we did on my skin.

First some before photos:

Before Photos with Renewal Skin Spa Before Photos with Renewal Skin Spa

We started by cleaning out my pores and taking off all the makeup with the Ultra Sonic Cleanse. This was like a paint chipper for your face. I couldn’t believe how smooth and clean my skin felt after just deep cleaning it!

Renewal Spa Grand Rapids ultrasonic cleanse

from there we headed to the Visia Analysis Machine. The Visia Machine took photos from three different angles and showed all the layers of damage from years of laying outside in the sun with deep tan oil. The screen shows wrinkles, pigmentation and more but the most impressive to me was the sun damage. If I was to continue going outside without proper sun protection eventually all of this damage that is below the surface would eventually make it’s way to the top. NO THANK YOU.

Renewal Spa Visia Analysis Machine

Renewal Spa Visia Analysis Machine

After the Visia Machine Analysis Angela came up with a game plan for me and my face. She decided to do a dermalfusion deluxe with a custom peel and steam. Then followed with an enzyme peel and extractions topped with an oxygen dome. She finished with a specialty spray called Korean Botox and sent me home with a tinted SPF.

The dermalfusion felt like a kitty licking your face. I could feel all of the garbage leaving my skin and when she was done it was the lightest feeling. I went back to work without make up on and my skin never felt better. I even got to see the jar of all the stuff that was removed from my face. I would show you but it’s so nasty!

Renewal Spa grand rapids michigan. Dermalfusion Delux with Custom Peel and steam

Renewal Spa Ultrasonic Cleanse Grand Rapids Michigan

how about some after photos now? my skin still feels like it’s glowing days later and i’m so thrilled with the results. We are going to keep doing the treatments until it’s time for the laser and then we are going to get rid of the brown spots on my face. I can’t wait!

I would highly recommend going to see Angela and her team at Renewal. All these different treatments and consultations comes to about $250 but Anglea and her team are offering it to my readers for a discounted price of $199. There may be slight variations based on your skin type but she does amazing work.

the after photos are totally make up free (with the exception of eye make up and lipstick). Our end goal with these treatments is to have skin clean and clear enough to go make up free. She thinks we can get there!

I was sent home with some face products to try and so far I am loving them! After a few weeks I will show you some progress photos but so far I’m loving them! Do you have any questions? I’ll do my best to answer them! If not Angela is happy to help!


want to know about some of my other favorite products? click here. With any treatment Renewal is offering 30% off all products!


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  1. Dani says:

    This sounds amazing! Your skin looks lovely 🙂 I just might look into this for the next time I am in the area…

  2. Rachel says:

    Your skin looks amazing! I want to look into this. My only concern is I try to use things on my face that are natural & non-toxic. Do they have an ingredient list available for their products?

  3. Jen says:

    Your skin looks amazing!

  4. Sara says:

    Just made my appointment! Thanks!

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