easter with otto


April 3, 2018

there is something so fun about the firsts of each thing with otto. while i had grand plans for the easter bunny, easter baskets… none of that really happened. and that is ok. we had a wonderful time. plus easter isn’t about that stuff anyone (but it still would have been fun to give him a chocolate bunny, even though he wouldn’t eat it haha).

we were supposed to go to my moms for easter dinner but alas michigan and it’s cold is still reigning with traveling illness so things had to change up. we were given encouragement at our last cardiologist appointment that we can be a little more adventurous but still cautious. aka church but no nursery, grocery store as needed (don’t let him lick the cart) and continue to wash your hands like a maniac.

we decided what a better time to take otto to church for his first time than easter? we went to a church in grandville (about 40 minutes from our house) to listen to our friends sermon and he did awesome! he thought the music was a riot and kept singing right into the sermon haha. but really the kid sat in church for a full hour just minding his own business and thinking that all the clapping was for something he did. we just went with it.

not having a reservation anywhere we met up with joe’s parents and went to citizen grand rapids. if you haven’t gone there you must. it’s a super fun atmosphere with great food and awesome tiki style drinks. not exactly what you would picture for easter brunch but meh what you going to do, nothing is really conventional with us anymore. again, otto was adorable and actually sat on a bench by me for most of brunch. he got a little tired towards the end but that made for a nice little car nap.

after that we decided why not go to meijer gardens. when we were in charleston otto loved being pushed around all the color and things to look at. the butterfly exhibit was still going on and although he really could care less about the butterflies it was a nice way to spend the rest of our afternoon.

it’s days like that that just seem…normal. and i often question myself why do i have to make things feel normal when what really is even normal. is this making any sense? yes otto has a heart condition that still needs to be fixed whatever that may look like and whatever that may be but that doesn’t stop us from soaking up these good moments with him. he is so happy and healthy right now that although the charts and screens might tell us one thing, otto tells us “keep going”. as i mentioned before we did have his 6 week check up and nothing had changed (leak is still moderate/severe) but his heart and his body are tolerating it well. so much so that we now have 8 weeks until we have to go back which puts us around memorial day!

yesterday was so good and it felt amazing to have a family day. thank you so much for all of your prayers and positive vibes for Otto. it is by Gods grace and your prayers that he continues to do so well.

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  1. Cassie Osborne says:

    Thank you for the update, I have been experiencing Otto withdrawal.

  2. Carolyn says:

    Otto has become a sweet, happy presence in my life. I always look forward to your posts and finding out what and how he is doing. Your honesty is very special as is your sense of humor.❤️❤️❤️

  3. Charlene says:

    I pray for Otto and your family and will continue to pray. He is such a healthy and happy baby and so much fun to see how he is going to be dressed next or what he is going to have to say (by the way, I love that little voice). Love Otto❤️❤️

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