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December 7, 2018

can i just start off by saying that i used to think that a parlor was a worthless space in a house? that is until we had a huge party and i ran out of room to store vintage treasures. this room connects the formal dining rom to the living room. it’s not a hallway it’s a room with two wide entryways that lead in to each room and for a while i was just really confused as to what to do with it.

so i did what it was supposed to be.. a parlor. before baby we had a midcentury bar in there and called it our cocktail lounge. once otto was big enough to start pulling bottles of liquor out and dragging them around we figured time to lock it up and turn this room a bit more kid friendly but wanted to do so without sacrificing the style.

we moved in a big vintage glass cabinet that now houses the breakables and bottles safely away from the tot. i love that i can still show off my collections in a safe way. safe meaning my son won’t be banging my iron stone or stags leap against the old vintage metal grate. we removed the vintage bar and replaced it with this amaaazing chesterfield leather sofa that i bought at the country living fair from my pal cosmic girl goes (she finds the best stuff, seriously).

we moved the record player in from the living room and put up our faux tree from king of christmas. This is the 9 foot prince flock pre lit tree. this is our second year buying a real tree and we have that tree in the living room for immediate family christmas presents. this king of christmas tree is in the parlor. the glam of the flocked really popped against the mural from anthropologie (sold out but similar here).

i’m kind of taking my time putting up christmas decor this year. slowly adding it as i get inspired or see an opportunity. honestly i have enough vintage christmas decor hoarded to stock a barn but i like to change it year after year on when i’m feeling inspired. i also like to go more winter than strictly christmas because i love to leave it up longer than december 25. I’m almost “finished” with my living room but i’m obsessed with the bay leaf garland from william sonoma. i wanted a change up from the evergreen i use every year and the scent is absolutely magical.

the bottle brush trees are also a new holiday purchase. i kind of went a little crazy at my pals shop rebel in grand rapids. the collection of trees in my cabinet and on my coffee table are all from their shop (they ship!) and i’m obsessed. even better, otto doesn’t like the way they feel so he leaves them alone haha.

how are you decorating this year ? are you a put it all up in one day kind of person or do you take your time? also the great debate…real or faux tree?

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  1. Kelly Deblaey says:

    I love it! Your glass cabinet is beautiful! I’m jealous of your trophy cup collection! I always day dream of having a collection like this and use them for a Kentucky Derby party. 🙂

  2. Lindy says:

    I love the wallpaper and the colors. Those trees! It’s a beautiful rolm

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