finally friday napa edition


April 15, 2016

surprise!!! we are in napa. it was a pseudo on a whim trip half planned half not. we had the flight and hotel booked for a while but seriously packed the morning we left and reserved everything on our cell phones. i felt very millennial about that.

we arrived at 11am CA time which was perfect because it allowed us to get in, grab a rental car and get to our hotel in napa. we were starving because we had a direct flight out of detroit so a 5  hour flight with nothing but delta biscuits (not complaining those things are delicious) but your body is all confused on if it should want breakfast or dinner or lunch or just a snack. before we even checked into our hotel we got in-n-out burger for the first time. let me just say… i get it. it is reminiscent of the late hot-n-now. may they rest. we checked in, changed our clothes and headed out.
napa weekend in n out burger

we just drove around for an hour or so looking at all the vineyards and hills and just lush green (i thought they were all about the drought here?) anyways it was absolutely stunning. we picked a random tasting room and grabbed a glass of wine to kick things off and then walked around downtown sonoma. we met this interesting couple at the wine tasting that had so many similarities it was crazy. they live in montana, his grandfather patented the first elk call (joe shot an elk) they were there celebrating his birthday (were celebrating joes) they have an antique store (duh) he was an accountant (joe’s an accountant) just crazy. it’s fun meeting strangers on vacation. after that we went vinegar and oil tasting (and bought way too many bottles) and grabbed another bottle of wine and some cheese for the room.
napa weekend wine tastingwe had an amazing dinner at the girl & the fig. it was simple, elevated, rustic country food. we couldn’t decide what we wanted to do there. the menu was expansive in a sense where you could get the tasting menu (set three course with wine) or you could get burger/sandwiches or you could get a cheese plate and a rustic entree.. so many choices. we decided to split pieces from each part of the menu. we went for the goat cheese sample plate (i die.) then we split the pork belly sandwich (i die again) and then the striped bass (i died one more time) and then finished it off with this salted caramel trifle that had this amazing cocoa nib fudge at the bottom and toasted meringue. it was heavily. full and completely jet lagged we took the winding trails back to our hotel and were asleep within seconds.
napa sonoma weekend girl and the fig chocolate salted caramel trifile

the rest of the weekend includes visiting some of my bucket list dining options (with the exception of french laundry….someday) and visiting some wineries. we have a cave tour scheduled in there somewhere. i hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

ps follow me on instagram and snap chat (thebadwife) for all the videos and shots of what we are doing, seeing, and eating.
napa weekend girl and the fig bees knees cocktail

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  1. Megan says:

    Sounds like an awesome weekend, my fiancee and I are heading to Traverse City tonight so hopefully my weekend with be full of wine and great food too! Enjoy 🙂

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