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July 21, 2017

well….. this is our last weekend before baby. what?!? WHAT??!?!! this is just nuts to think about but honestly, i don’t think i’ve ever looked forward to a weekend more. we really don’t have anything concrete planned other than a few places that we really want to go. (salt, pentwater, southerner) i know it’s not like this is the last time we’ll be allowed out of the house but you just never know what baby is going to take out of us and we want to allow time to heal, rest and raise this little goldfish for a while so who knows right? live it up.
tonight i think we are going to to go to saugatuck for dinner and are debating about either the southerner or phils… depends on what is less crowded. (i’m not a crowds kind of girl). we’ll probably walk around and hang out by the lakeshore because it’s supposed to get well into the high 80s and potentially even 90 degrees. no thanks. no air at the house.

saturday morning we are going to sleep in and head up to pentwater for the day to spend some time with friends who are FINALLY there for the summer. no work, beach and porch time only. we will probably get the cottage ready to be empty for a few weeks. we would love to bring baby there though by the end of the summer. maybe into september. we made a lot of progress there this spring and summer so i’m happy with how we are leaving it and the status of the place. maybe we can even go up for the day and do a few finishing things before we actually stay the night there. we will probably stay there through the evening and then drive home. i’m not scared of going into labor or anything there because really it’s 20 minutes further than my house but you know.. don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night in lake cottage life. i want to go from home. just less stressful that way you know?

sunday we are still up in the air. it’s supposed to be 90 degrees so we might head somewhere to beat the heat or just hang out pool side. not sure yet. definitely at least going to salt of the earth for either brunch or dinner (or both).

no matter what we end up doing i’m grateful for this time together (unless goldfish has other plans) and look forward to soaking it all in!



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