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March 24, 2017

ok i won’t spam you today with more pictures of our newest lamb… just kidding hahaa. i can’t stop it’s too cute. it was so hard to leave and come to work i just want to play with it all day. it’s so curious about the world and has such a funny personality i could just sit and watch it all day and night. but that would most likely get me fired. i think.

so today is going to be hopefully uneventful. i have to leave work a bit early and head home to meet the exterminator/pest control. remember monday when i told you about the scurrying in the wall? not anymore. not on my watch. taking care of this situation as soon as possible. of course when joe comes home there is absolutely nothing. not even a peep. still, i’m not taking any chances. whatever has made it’s home in there has to go. after that just hanging out at home. with the nice warmer weather coming up i am hoping to get a few projects wrapped up around the house. painting the back screen room (same white) then hopefully getting new paint samples mixed for the pink bathroom. (colors were not right) and then walking around the yard picking up all the sticks and branches and debris from the winter.

saturday night we are going to go to the cottage and lakefront living show with some friends and then to gaze at stuff we cant afford at the moment and then grab some dinner afterwards. we are going to try and go to butchers union. i went there for brunch last week and it was fantastic. i’ve been dying to go back and try it for dinner.

sunday morning we are going to go to church/brunch and then joe is coming with me to bee class. that’s right like it or not he is going to go to bee class. and love it. he needs to learn that bees are our friends and how to safely handle them because i am GOING to have them near my garden. after that we will probably head home and continue working on house projects making dinner at home and winding back up for the week.

hope everyone has an awesome weekend!


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