first snow of the season


November 20, 2017

i love the way that otto wakes up in the morning. there are two distinct ways he wakes up. one is on his own. this weekend he really had no place to be and was able to just wake up at his leisure. for the record we are lucky. the wee man sleeps all night and until about 7am if you let him. when he wakes up on his own he slowly blinks, decides if in fact he wants to wake up and then gives a big yawn and will just sit there until you pick up him. the other way he wakes up is like on monday mornings. when joe and i both go into work. we let him be as long as possible allowing us to get ready and then i slowly scoop him up as gently as possible. he balls his fists and starts to cry. whimpers all the way to his bedroom and once he’s flat on his back on the changing table slowly opens his eyes and gives a little smile. he makes his body as stiff and straight as possible and then begins to kick like crazy. he stretches to the left and then to the right and makes himself as straight as possible again. this makes getting him changed and changing diapers quite interesting.

i like it because i can picture it someday as a teenager us yelling at him 3 -5 times that it’s time to get up and get ready for school. i am curious how many patterns and tendencies stay with us into adulthood.

this weekend was so much fun that i hate to see it go. much like any weekend. however there were many moments that i had to push out the anxiety out of my mind. even though otto was doing awesome i let myself fall down the rabbit hole of googling “mitral valve regurgitation” everything from repair and replacement options to quality of life. seriously i hate it when i do that to myself. any outcome is possible for us who is to say we will not get the best one? i am trying so so so hard to not dwell on the potential future ahead of us and live and enjoy this moment. someone commented on my instagram that having a child with an illness there is like a “hummm” in the back of your mind that is anxiety and it’s so true. it’s not like i ran around this weekend sick and worried. there was just a faint hummm in the back of my mind. it takes work and prayer and brain training to level it off seriously.

we had the holiday open house at the found cottage this weekend and it was so busy and fun. it was nice to have such an amazing team there that we could all just have fun being busy, kicking off the holiday season and just having a really good time.

instead of going out for dinner this weekend we stayed in and cooked at home which was really nice and cozy because we had the very first flakes of snow fall around the farm. it was good reason to snuggle up and not go anywhere.

sunday we did venture out for brunch to salt of the earth for a gender reveal with some friends and then off to grand rapids for some groceries and to pick up a “little” piece of furniture for the house. aka a giant cabinet for the living room tv. we spent the rest of sunday getting ready for the week. i put some hot chocolate in the crock pot and joe chopped wood for the stove. we ended the evening cooking dinner again and drinking hot chocolate watching the first half of christmas vacation.

i’m so excited to be experiencing all of these firsts with otto. thanksgiving, christmas, snow…. we’ve been talking about what traditions we want to kick off with otto. things we want to do special as a family… stay tuned.

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