June 25, 2015

yesterday was our last day in the countryside of tuscany. we had breakfast at the B & B then packed up and headed into florence with our new friends. we found a place to park about half a mile from the actual city and enjoyed a rocky walk down to the city.

we walked around for about an hour and then said our goodbyes to our new friends and wished each other safe travels!


the rest of the day joe and i walked around taking in the sites. we didn’t do any museum tours (which we kind of regret) but we did end up tasting at least 8 different types of gelato between the two of us and enjoyed a magnificent lunch in one of the older restaurants around town. hindsight i wish we would have spent more time in florence but i really enjoyed staying in the countryside. we had to be checked in to our next b and b by 8pm so we left the city around 5pm and made it by 7 to the new b & b. it was again, absolutely gorgeous. if i make one recommendation for those thinking about coming to italy, rent a car and drive around the chianti region. it’s absolutely stunning and the prices for food, lodging and vino are so reasonable.


we checked into our room and walked around the vineyards and gardens before heading in to greve for dinner. we found this little cafe that had homemade pasta and a great chianti and cheese selection. i had an amazing lamb ragu with lemon rind and thyme. it was so so good and fresh.

we walked around some of the little shops in greve and found a kitchen store with tons and tons of supplies handmade in greve. ummmm rolling pins for $3 hand carved. $3 people. thank god joe was with me or we would have had to get another suitcase.

after dinner and a little stroll we headed back to the b and b to enjoy a glass of wine on the terrace. we made more friends with a nice couple from nashville and shared stories about our journey. we called it an early night because this morning we had to wake up bright and early to return our rental car to rome by 10am!

now just two days left before we come home!


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