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December 4, 2018

I told you that the frosting from the cake i made on thanksgiving by half baked harvest was so good I was going to put it on other things. and I held true to my promise and put it on waffles. and made a waffle tower cake of sorts. a frosted waffle tower. nothing fancy just waffles with the most delicious frosting ever. oh and pear caramel sauce that i canned earlier this fall.

i made pear caramel with a bucket of pears my uncle terry gave to me from his tree. i made vanilla pears, spiced pear jam and pear caramel. pear caramel took forever because you pretty much just let it cook down all day almost to like an apple butter consistency and it makes this sweet sticky half jam half caramel sauce. i’ve been putting it on ice cream but i figured why not layer in between my waffles.

we sell this amazing waffle mix at the shop and i figured i would test them out. all you need to add to it is water, egg and a dash of oil. they turned out nice and crisp and held perfectly to the jam and frosting.

frosting recipe here

so basically what i did was simple

cook up the waffles.

lay them on a wire rack so the bottom does not get mushy as you finish baking them. i actually put them in my toaster oven and toasted them one more time so they were nice and crisp.

i then layered them waffle – pear caramel on top – frosting on bottom of next layer waffle so the layers were nice and split. technically it was waffle – pear caramel – frosting – waffle until i had a waffle on top that i frosted like a cake.

rather than take it down waffle by waffle i cut it like a cake and served it with hot syrup. a delightful, sugary breakfast perfect for the morning of tree shopping.

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