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May 5, 2021

The air was crips and spring like and we had a break in the clouds with a week long forecast of rain so I decided to take Otto for breakfast before bringing him to school. We grabbed some “candy floss” (that is Peppa Pig speak for cotton candy) and went for a walk around the tulips in downtown Holland. Tulip Time is the unofficial kick off to spring and we go every year as a family for fair food and flower viewing. Last year it was completely cancelled due to Covid and this year it’s on with protocols. Life on the farm has been so busy lately that I thought a little break before we tackle the day was much needed. We got everything ready for school then headed out the door.

It seems like no matter what, I always end up with something on the front of my clothes. It could be dirt on the bottom of otto’s slip on shoes from picking him up or his nasty new habit having a “yucky nose” and proceeding to wipe it on my sleeve or dress hem. I have a few pieces that are dry clean only (that always seem to take a beating) but other than that the fabric has always needed to be durable. I bought this Sezane linen belted dress earlier this spring and finally got a chance to wear it. I bought these Rifle print Ked sneakers on sale and thought they were such a fun outfit for moming around the city.

Linen Dress with Sneakers

As much as I love wearing my heels i’m not fast enough to keep up with Otto in them. This boy, especially when he is determined, is fast. He has been obsessed with racing lately and typically that involves racing me. Sneakers are a must. I ordered the rifle x Keds and I shouldn’t be surprised how comfortable they are. I ordered my typical size, 9.5 and I probably could have sized down to a 9. Note: I never wear socks. I know, I know, I just… hate socks.

I think that the keds pair well with dresses because they are cut right below the ankle. I’m on the shorter side and sometimes wearing higher cut shoes and sandals with shorter skirts and dresses makes my legs look shorter than I really am. The lower the profile of the shoe and sneaker the better it pairs with dresses or shorts.

In the Sezane Jeannette Dress I took my normal size which is a 42. For size reference I’m about 175lbs and 5’4. The buttons lay perfectly on the dress and the linen fabric keeps it bright and light, not to mention, easy to wash.

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Here are some other cute options for Rifle X Keds sneakers on sale now that would be cute to wear with dresses.


Toddler Boy Zara Trench coat

Under no circumstances am I to wear my white sneakers out into the garden. I have a bad habit of hopping out of my car straight from work to check on the garden and always end up filthy. Like I said my clothing material needs to be easy to clean because if it isn’t Otto getting me dirty, it’s bringing in produce from the garden.

Pairing dresses with sneakers is a casual and functional way to look put together and comfortable at the same time.

The only thing I’m missing is my jacket. It might be May but the weather was still crisp. Regardless Otto and I enjoyed the morning walking around and looking at all the tulips while I had my coffee and he had his candy floss before heading into school.

Tulip Fields of Holland Michigan Sezane Linen Belt Dress with Rifle Keds Sneakers Sitting on a park bench in holland michigan tulip time

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