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February 2, 2017

i thought it would be fun today to explore a room i’ve never showed on the blog. mostly because i’m mostly forbidden from it. it’s joe’s office. since the dawn of our marriage joe has had an office in our houses and it has been up to his discretion on how to decorate it. i’m not saying that he has bad taste. but…. he just has differing tastes from myself. if that makes sense? his office in our old house was burgundy.  with brown curtains. it was just…. not my taste. as you can see he has brought over his childhood ceramic dog collection from the old house as well. (see schnauzer dead center behind the glass).  i can’t rag on him too bad about that… we all know how many random collections i have.

even though i’m not welcome in this room, nor would i want to be (this is where the bills get paid and finances reviewed) i do have a few things….stashed here? don’t know how they got there but i feel my eviction is coming soon. that being said… this room is original to when we bought the house a few years ago. i think it could look freshened up with a little paint on the walls and ceiling and a new light fixture. the cabinet probably could use some paint too…. we’ll see what joe says.. he does have authority in his room. men.

if you ask me, he can have this room all to himself it has a lovely view of the pool and the backyard right outside that window. who wants to sit in here and pay bills when you have a pool side view? not me. i guess it really wouldn’t matter because i hate paying bills. i just help. that being said… i guess in the end it is fair if joe wants his bill paying den to be his favorite color he can have it lol.

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  1. Baileywife @Irishman Acres says:

    I want that 3 tiered thing on the floor! I’ve been looking for that exact one… I’ll message you with my address! Thanks!! Kim

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