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April 5, 2017

you guys, farming is no joke and raising the lambs are no exception. books all make it look so easy but books can’t warn you of the emotional roller coaster you hop on once the sheep start going into labor. i know it sounds dramatic but in a way it kind of is. boo boo was now born almost two weeks ago and is growing like crazy and is a giant compared to stan and stew who were born friday. it puts into perspective just how fast a lamb grows!

i knew that raising animals and living in an old farmhouse wouldn’t be easy but before anyone jumps in head first i would tell them to make sure that you have time for it. the majority of the time the farm seems to run itself but when something isn’t going right you have to prepare to kind of drop everything and deal with it.

example: last week friday morning i woke up and found two new lambs and once they started to not do well it was full on farmer mode. i had to call into work, find someone to help open the store and take care of it for a few hours. as soon as they started to do well around 11am (5 hours from when i first went to leave) it was good to go to work.

example: today we could get fit in for a farm visit for the mom who is having some issues with her udders so i moved my appointments around and quick ran home to meet the vet so we could get mama sheep taken care of.

it just takes time you know? but it’s all so worth it. the lambs seem to be thriving especially with how fast booboo is growing. she’s now out running in the pasture with the rest of the big sheep.

the bash brothers (stan and stew) are penned up with their mama for right now. it was not funny but kind of funny when joe and i went out the other night to try and take care of the situation ourselves (courtesy of vet help, youtube videos and friends from sheep facebook page). unfortunately it was no use. however the funny part was the little guys were not happy about us working on their mama. they kept climbing all over us as to say “let my mom go! we are hungry!”

the vet came this morning and helped unclog her finally and now she seems to operating at full capacity. let me tell you being pregnant has allowed me to smell everything time ten. i can smell anything nasty from like a mile away. i can even smell pie i swear from my office to sweetilicious. baby lately has been craving ANY of her berry pies from the downtown market. this morning was one of personal growth i guess you could say.

the vet helped me get babs’ unclogged. they worked on her for about ten minutes and finally got her unplugged and then had me help and learn to milk her. pregnant woman, horrible gag reflex, old nipple milk. i was trying to keep it together in front of the vet but seriously had to put my head in my coat because i was gagging so hard but…… I MILKED MY SHEEP! yea you heard that right folks. i successfully learned how to milk my sheep. please and thank you.

and now we are just stuck in the waiting game for one more little lamb. betty is just taking her own sweet time. i honestly thought she would be the first to go because girlfriend is HUGE but nope. she is letting that little sucker grow.

stay tuned for more lamb updates!


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    Truth… I started reading your blog because Your hair is amazing!!! And you style is beautiful too ☺

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