leaning tower of pisa


June 23, 2015

yesterday we made the big drive from gruyere switzerland to tuscany italy. it was about 7 hours of adventure let me tell you. we went through mountains, we drove by the seas, we had audis passing us  at ungodly speeds but we made it!

the leaning tower of pisa was about an hour or so from the bed and breakfast we are staying at so we decided to be like tourists and go check it out. it was actually quite something and surprisingly super easy to get to by car. maybe it was because we went on a monday at 2pm? who knows. either way we drove right in found a parking lot and went.

it was almost more entertaining to watch everyone doing meems with the tower than the tower itself. we spent just as much time photo bombing peoples photos than we did taking pictures ourself. it was pretty hilarious.

we walked around a bit and grabbed a slice of pizza and ice cream walked around a bit more and then headed to our B & B in the hills of tuscany. so far it’s been beautiful. i mean how can you complain? we are staying on a hobby farm in tuscany. our host so far Eleanora has been very welcoming and there is another young couple staying here from denver which should make for a fun breakfast. today we are taking a pasta making class and exploring the tuscan countryside.

happy tuesday!


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  1. It actually looks so beautiful, and I have to just take a quick selfish minute and tell you how jealous I am! My family is staying in the hills of Tuscany right now, too (some little town called Roccade something) and I was supposed to head out and meet them but work and stress got way too much in the way! So so jealous reading this beautiful post, but it looks like you guys are having a great time!! <3 Have fun, send some pasta to Ireland, and if you see a family of four Americans and a lot of freckles, wave hello! xx

    • No way! I feel like half the United States is in Europe right now haha. If it’s any consolation Ireland is on my bucket list!
      You’ll get here someday but I know how work and stress tend to get in the way of things. You’ll have to send me the list of “Must Do’s” in Ireland!

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