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March 22, 2017

i am perfectly aware that having little vintage collections is just a polite way of saying hoarding. just like saying “over served” is for drunk or “delegation” is for i don’t want to do this project. you know? but it just sounds better to call all of these things in my home collections rather than hoards. i have one too many but you know each has it’s place and once that space fills up…. i’ll stop buying them (or just put them in bins in my barn). wait what? who said that! ?

i have been collecting jadeite for about 5?6? years. and luckily it all (almost) fits in my built in in the dining room. but a few collections i haven’t written about yet is my pink hazel atlas dishes. i don’t even know why i started collecting these. i found a few of the crinoline patterned dishes (which have recently skyrocketed in price for some reason) but soon started just collecting the regular pink version of the dishes which you can still pick up for about $1-5 a piece depending if it’s a cup,  plate, saucer etc. i just loved the way it looked stacked in my pink and black cupboard in the dining room. i have full service for about 10 so far but as i’m out and about i let the pieces find me and i discover a new edition to the set i didn’t know existed (dessert cups, serving bowls, bread plates, etc) so it’s fun having something to hunt for. they also come in blue, yellow and green (kind of looks like jadeite) but there was something about the pink that drew me to it.

as i was out and about this weekend i found these really cool heavy white iron stone mugs. i haven’t fully jumped on that bandwagon (yet) but as i hunted throughout the day pieces just kept finding me. if i liked them i bought them (they weren’t more than a few dollars). i was debating about keeping them but i made some room in my cabinet by shifting around some table clothes aka packing them as tight as they could go to create a little pocket for iron stone. i have a feeling it is soon to go the way of jadeite and sky rocket even more in popularity so if you find it now… grab it. but as i find pretty pieces here and there i might add them to my little collection.. as long as i have room.

anyways just thought i would share some of my recent finds and additions with you. and is it just me or have a lot of antique stores gotten kind of junky lately? i walked through so many antique stores it was just FULL of mcdonalds toys and barbies. where’s all the good stuff? is it flea market season yet?

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  1. Rachael says:

    I literally love you for this post. It is SO relatable. Note: if ever in cave City, KY, stop Magaline’s, her stuff is SUPER affordable.

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