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July 26, 2016

so i did something drastic… if you recall the living room was the only downstairs flooring that didn’t have wood it was a gray shag style carpet. it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t really my style and the first thing i wanted to do was rip it out. we got a quote from river valley carpet in newago to get wood floor installed into the room but it was going to be pretty pricy and would never really match the weathered oak of the old floor in the next room. plus joe was a big advocate to at least have carpet in one room. so i went with something a little drastic. if i’m going to do carpet i’m going to do crazy.


this is what the room looked like when we bought the house. it was very neutral and light. we usually sit in here in the winter because it usually stays pretty toasty. ready for the after?

living roomyea that’s right i went with a red plaid carpet. it’s bold, it’s durable and i’m obsessed with it. its a very low pile and meant for high traffic areas which is good because the doors to the right lead right out into a deck by the pool. i’m not going to lie i was a little nervous to go with something so drastic but you know what? it’s one room. in a few years if we get sick of it it wasn’t that expensive to have installed and rolled out. we had river valley carpet in newago install and order it and i have to say 2 weeks from me saying “lets do this” it was installed. very impressed and highly recommend. if you can get a square pattern in an unsquare room to line up you get an A+ in my book.

living room 1
i have to be careful with the furniture and decor in this room because it can take a sharp turn to lodge golf world really quick. especially when joe wants to put in giant book no. this is going to be ralph lauren meets industrial farmhouse glam. lots of brass and rustic to kind of calm the lodge look down a bit.

living room 2 (1)The chairs sadly to go back to west elm. you can’t see it in the photos but the legs are cracked off and they are kind of resting on the base. i wanted to see what they looked like though. bad news: they do not make this chair anymore. 🙁 so the search continues. i will say they are coming to pick them back up and did not give me any hassle when i called in to say they needed to be returned. very happy with the customer service. just really wish the chairs could have been saved.

living room 3 (1)so now just coffee table, accent furniture, new chairs, decor and hanging those chicken pictures on the mantle up. the room is really coming together! oh and don’t all the paint that now needs to be touched up. that will most likely be done in 2020. i hate touch ups. the only good thing about winter coming some day is that i’m going to be able to decorate this room like crazy for christmas. so what do you think?

living room 4

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  1. Sharon Pressey says:

    Oh, Abbey, I love your daring attitude! We were building our first new home when I was turning 30 and I went for red countertops and black appliances. At that time you could not buy a black refrigerator! Since we owned a body shop, Ken took it there and had it painted black! I loved it and I loved doing something that I could only see in my mind. You keep going -you’ve got what it takes!

  2. Corinna Gallagher says:

    Amazing – i love it! Are those the ikea couches?

  3. Autumn says:

    I freaking LOVE it!!

  4. Joyce staehle says:

    Very bold. Exciting and alluring

  5. I love it of course! I think those 2 pillows are the happiest pillows in the world! Looks great!

  6. Jennifer Meyer says:

    My husband Mike installed your carpet, I am the likely one to approve your post! Love love love it! He came home from work and told me I would love it and could move right in! Beautiful!

  7. Amy Bent says:

    Can you please come and decorate my house?!?

  8. Sofia says:

    Hello from California! How absolutely refreshing to see bold, beautiful color! Your carpet looks terrific, and your furniture and accent piece choices can go in many style directions. Enjoy!

  9. Beth says:

    Do you have a coffee table in mind? I am struggling to find the right one for my space! Love the room!

  10. Angie B. says:

    It looks incredible! Way to go. I can’t ain’t to see pics of it at Christmas. 🙂

  11. I am a little amazed to say I love this. There’s no reason that carpet should work based on my prior experiences but IT DOES. That takes an insane amount of vision and balls. I think the dark wall is really key. It leans everything towards edgy and cool instead of boring and outdated. Bravo!

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