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September 4, 2019

i’m pretty sure that i have an irrational fear of wasting a good outfit on an insignificant day. i bought this buffalo check plaid maxi skirt at the start of summer thinking i would hold on to it until the perfect occasion arose. i don’t think there is a better opportunity for a ball gown skirt than on the steps of the grand hotel on Mackinac Island.

The Grand Hotel Mackinaw Island Michigan

even though after 6pm the hotel requires formal attire on the main grounds i didn’t want to go super dressy so i paired it with a wildflower graphic tee from anthropologie and one of my favorite cardigans which by the end of the night i got caught on a tent pole and ripped the sleeve off. rest in peace my dear sweater, i’m very glad I still have you in pink. sometimes i think we can get too caught up in the statement piece. This is a taffeta skirt it should be formal. but sometimes formal on formal is too stuffy and honestly… i didn’t want to look like scarlet o’hara (even though, love you girl). I wanted to be a little edgy and a standard white button ship shirt would be great for a wedding but for a fun dinner with siblings, i thought this graphic tee would jazz it up a bit. since the squares on the dress pattern were a bit on the larger side i felt ok mixing in a smaller print cardigan with coordinating blues.

my parents were kind brave enough to take all three of the little boys (otto and his two cousins) to the playground so the 6 of us adult kids could go and enjoy dinner together and celebrate my brother and sister in laws 6 year wedding anniversary. we never get to go out just us kids so it was a real treat.

The Grand Hotel Mackinaw Island Michigan

it’s such a surreal feeling with all of us “kids” being married now. we had such a good time laughing and joking around together. dinner flew by and before we knew it we were rushing to the lobby to pick up the kids. The sweater tear was during the rushing but a worth while casualty.

we had a lovely time on Mackinac Island and I will give you the full scoop soon but i was honestly pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed our time there. it always seemed really touristy to me (and parts are) but it’s just so peaceful and quiet not to mention absolutely stunning.


buffalo check plaid maxi ball gown skirt J.crew

sometimes the quiet is all we need. it felt good to have a few days of waking up with nothing to do but answer some emails and head to find breakfast. it was so awesome to watch ottos run int he giant lawn playing with his cousins. even better that he got to wear his little suit.

and now that i’ve “broke the ice” with the skirt i feel like she can be freely worn in public. does anyone else think that way?

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outfit details

Maxi Ball Gown Skirt is J.crew and sold out but they always bring it back (runs about 2 sizes small) 
T – Shirt is Anthro
Sweater is J.Crew sold out but might be able to be found on poshmark

The Grand Hotel Mackinaw Island Michigan The Grand Hotel Mackinaw Island Michigan The Grand Hotel Mackinaw Island Michigan buffalo check plaid maxi ball gown skirt J.crew

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  1. Babs says:

    You look absolutely marvelous. What a fun, yet still casual dressy look…

  2. Ruth Snell says:

    Yes!! I will wait for the right moment to wear something!! I love the casual t-shirt with the skirt!!

  3. Sarah Balentine says:

    Love this skirt on you! I am constantly waiting for special occasions to wear things. I bought a really pretty green & black floral ball gown-ish dress at the beginning of summer and I’m waiting to wear it for our company Christmas party lol.

  4. Tonia says:

    I have been known to buy a outfit “just in case,” and then never wear it because it didn’t seem like ” the right time!” Then, years later…..find it, tags on!

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