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February 27, 2019

i’ve been getting a lot of questions lately on my current hair car situation so i thought i would do a dedicated post to how i do my hair, specifically what i use on my hair during “hair wash day”. because anyone with curly hair knows that there is curl wash day and curl maintenance day and hair up in a bun day because i didn’t have time to hair wash day. you know what i mean.

i grew up HATING my curly hair. when i was in 8th grade i was starting a new middle school and i decided to cut my hair that was down to my waist to my chinny chin chin. i cut long bangs and then like a curly kate gosselin in the back. i was highly inspired by the lead singer of a band called M2M (don’t say you love me – song). however i did NOT know how to style and i used paul mitchell slick works gel on wet hair. i looked like gordon bombay before he became a do gooder hockey coach. it was a was 8th grade.

i went through a few years of mismanagement and bad styles that is until i got a job at an ice cream parlor in high school and met my fellow curly haired friend and coworker Jessica. she taught me about mousse and bobby pins and my hair has never been the same since. 

over the years i’ve tried hundreds and hundreds of products. and i find that one or two will work good for a while until my hair almost gets “used” to the product and I have to move on and find something new that works.

that is why i say this is my “current” hair routine because this is what is working best for the moment.

washing. i am currently using the deva curl no poo and one condition. about every other week i use the ouidad deep conditioner in between the deva curl products for extra moisturizing. i only brush my hair when i’m rinsing out conditioner and when i get out of the shower before i put product in.

once out of the shower I use this towel that gwyneth paltrow told me to buy. not personally, via her website goop. do i think it’s a miracle towel? no. does it keep my hair off my back while i put my makeup on? yes. so take it for what you will.

i then brush my hair, part and use the deva curl arc angel curl gel to scrunch. i have been using a small amount of glam squad mousse for volume but i’m not sure if i like it just yet.

i then blow dry using my hot tools dryer with diffuser and then use my small wand by hot tools to fix the frizzy fly aways. I back comb a little bit on the sides of my hair with this brush. 

i finish with the deva curl coconut cream styler on DRY hair. the back of the bottle says wet hair but i found that it works awesome on dry hair. and then i spray with TRESemme micro mist for curl and i’m good to go.

following this routine usually gets me about three days of wear before i’m forced into a top knot or hair wash day again. curly hair can get so dry so i try to wash sparingly.

i’m always on the hunt for the next great thing. but so far this is the absolute best i found. anyone else have a miracle hair product?



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  1. Melinda says:

    I have curly hair. In high school, I would iron my hair on the ironing board before school because fancy flat/curling irons didn’t exist yet! Not kidding! The 80’s came and gave me some acceptance of my curls but still with limited products. I am thankful for the many good curly products that exist now.
    Using now: Bain de Terre Recovery Complex (used this for 20 years at least on wet hair and mix it with other products for shine in dry hair) Living Proof shampoo and conditioner, and Morracan Oil intense curl cream, used on wet and dry hair. Wearing my hair straighter today. Every day is a surprise with curls!

  2. Randi says:

    I am not quite as curly as you are but currently obsessed with the CurlSmith line of products. I use the souflee and the balm. They are so light and extremely hydrating!

  3. Colleen McCarthy says:

    I have natural curly hair and there are a couple of things that you are never supposed to do when you have curly hair.
    1. You are to use either a 100% cotton t-shirt or micro fiber towel to dry your hair. Never rub just squeeze or ring out the excess water. Never ever use hot water on your hair.
    2. Never brush your hair. Either use your fingers or wide tooth comb.
    3. If you don’t let your hair air dry always use a diffuser. Separate your hair into workable strands, then pile up your air to the top and lay the diffuser against the hair. Dry till its almost dry.. Never over dry.
    Use these methods and you won’t have to use a lot of product and no frizz. I wash my hair once a week and I use all natural products like: Shea Moisture,Love-Beauty & Planet or Hair Food products. I switch on an off between these products. I get so many compliments of my hair. I’ve even have my picture posted on the website of the salon where I get my hair cut and highlighted.

  4. Teresa says:

    Great advice! Thought I’d share a few great product finds, at 52 ive been doing curly hair awhile I’d say. Many trails and tribulations, still wishing for a day I could rock short hair but been there done that and it ALWAYS is an epic fail. Longer hair works best. I hardly ever brush my hair, I use my fingers mostly while conditioning in the shower (until the underside really gets to be too tangled, then I’ll brush but that’s still maybe once a week). After wash, using a low wicking towel seems to be best for managing fly away frizz, followed by Living Proof leave-in conditioner and been using TIGI Catwalk curls rock amplifier (going on 20 years when I worked in a salon, my hairdresser introduced me, now seriously haven’t found a better product). Mostly I try to naturally dry my hair(takes hours, or all day ) otherwise I diffuse. Followed always by One n Only brand Argan Oil treatment (no other brand compares) using my fingers only throughout my hair, more or less depending on the fly always and dryness.
    I have had to share this with my 19year old son too, as he has stunning and longer locks himself (he’s learned the hard way too) and it’s his go to!

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