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August 2, 2018

two weeks ago we headed out to the midland antique festival. why i don’t know. we had so much to do around the house and it was raining but we went anyway. it’s always a gamble when it rains at a market. but there is also a chance of a big reward. you have less competition for the good stuff but you also have less vendors to shop from. still i never have a problem finding something to buy and we hit up a few local antique stores in the area on our way home. not to mention the best bbq fries we’ve ever had.

i found some more boy scout mugs for a few dollars a piece and then some bits and pieces of jadeite for a couple dollars. (can’t beat a couple of dollars!) i found all this ironstone at one of the antique stores near by. i should have wrote down the name but i saw it on a billboard on our way to birch run because we had shopped so fast.

i have a small grouping of the white and red sailboat glassware. I believe it’s Mckee (could be totally wrong) but it’s usually pretty pricy.i found these random bits and pieces for $2 each. can’t beat that! i thought they would make cute little bud vases.

there was a lot of big beautiful furniture pieces at midland for a great price but honestly… it was raining and i had the baby and allegan was the next weekend so i just collected a few smalls and happily went about my day. i wasn’t going to start another collection but it looks like well….i’m starting a little iron stone collection. funny how that happens isn’t it?

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  1. Elma says:

    Amazing finds!!☺️☺️

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