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July 19, 2017

i am nesting like a fricken crazy person around the house and no matter what i do nothing seems clean enough, organized enough, anything enough. i had a mini meltdown with joe last night because i said we are just moving $hit from one room to another! and of course it was all his fault. and of course about 1o minutes of calming down i went and apologized. pregnancy messes with your mind people. i don’t think i’ve been this nuts the entire time? i think now that we are getting down to the wire my hormones are really starting to kick in and i’ve officially lost it.

lets get things straight: i do not clean. and the fact that i’m obsessed with keeping the house clean and getting the house clean might just prove that i’m clinically insane now.

anyway. back when the snow started to melt and the weather started to break i decided this screen room needed just a bit of a change. we ended up using this room way more than we ever expected and used it way too much to have non practical furniture in here. for the first few years we lived here (i can’t believe this is our third summer!) we just had furniture in here that we had from the old house. mostly patio furniture. which is great for a patio but not so great for lounging on a sunday afternoon watching the tigers.

if we didn’t have those two slip covered sofas already in the living room i seriously would have just put a third one in here because they are so comfortable but i decided we needed something a little more fun in here. this is not a year round room (sorry winter) and we can afford to have a little fun here. i have been lusting after this couch on schoolhouse website for seriously ever. the quality of schoolhouse products is comparable to none and is absolutely amazing but it just wasn’t big enough and for a room that gets a lot of wear and tear i just couldn’t justify the price.
i was scrolling through wayfair one day and this sofa popped up in my “suggestions” hello wayfair!??! why didn’t you show me this sooner!? it was quite a bit larger than the schoolhouse version and half the price. HALF THE PRICE people.   this is called the elektra midcentury sofa. it did take a few months to arrive and i’m very impatient but the quality for the price of the couch is pretty good and it’s actually not to bad comfort wise. i know that joe wanted like a giant down sofa in here but rules are rules and it has to be a little pretty and not too bulky.
this sofa fit perfect and i love the extra pep it gives the room especially with my green accents. i don’t know if you have noticed a trend here lately but a lot of white, black and green has been showing up in my house (baby room, dining room, porch, screen room…) i just love the way color pops against the dark shades of black.

i haven’t really done much other decorating around this room. i’ve toyed with the idea of hanging curtains to block out some of the heat of the day but i haven’t quite pulled the trigger and i really do not want to obstruct the view. mostly i’ve been trying to make do with what i have. i’m looking for a new anchor piece to put my tv on because i think the metal potting bench shows way too much clutter. (see first paragraph, i am on a clutter rampage). i brought home a few things from the found cottage like this pillow i stole from liz (had to have it) but i want to keep this room really simple and bring the feel of the outdoors in. without letting the outdoors in. like scary cats and bats. both of which have somehow found their way into this room courtesy of an unlatched door.

i think this could be one of my favorite views out of the house with the exception of the master bedroom view. there is not a house in site and just lovely wide open fields. we like to sit in here and watch the combines and plows pull up wheat, beans and corn in this room. to say i love this house is an understatement but more and more and more we make it home.

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