a nice quiet thanksgiving


November 24, 2017

yesterday was such a nice quiet thanksgiving with family. isn’t it amazing how long we take to prepare the meal, the table the decor and how it literally takes minutes to devour and destroy the beautiful dishes haha. my mom went all out yesterday making our families favorites, turkey, corn pudding, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing and rolls and it was literally devoured in less than an hour. maybe it’s because each and every one of us starved ourselves all morning in preparation for the main event.

after lunch the girls cleaned up dinner while the guys watched the lions loose. we napped, shopped the “black friday deals” online and just hung out. the day went to so fast.

the past few years at this time i was out and about hitting my favorite stores for black friday. this year however i’m snuggled in my warm covers answering emails drinking coffee while the wee man sleeps in next to me. this baby has the craziest sleep pattern. i’m sure it would be different if he were actually ever hungry but because he gets fed via the food pump at midnight and 6am he just kind of dozes throughout the night and morning waking up just a bit to let us know he’s here and still in charge. so we are just savoring this morning together.

tonight i have a griffins game for work that i will be attending and then the rest of the weekend we are going to be starting to put up our christmas decorations. last year country living magazine was coming so we went allllll out. this year i think we are just going to keep it simple and get two live trees, garland and put out only my favorite pieces. (and a million gagillion shiny brights. those count as one).

this weekend is going to be about snuggles, family time and staying warm haha. hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving!

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