Otto’s Baptism Party


August 7, 2019

it seems like just yesterday may was here and we were on the brink of summer. the skies were start dark in the early evening and it was just not quite warm enough for shorts. now here we are in august with summer racing towards fall and i feel like everything that seemed so far away is upon us. back in may we finally were able to get otto baptized. it’s funny because joe and i both come from faiths that believe in infant baptism but due to ottos health that just wasn’t a reality for us.

when he was born we had to keep him out of the public as much as possible so church, grocery stores and large family gatherings were not an option. then he had his surgery and we thought he was going to be needed another soon after so that delayed things even more. finally just before turning two years old we were finally able to follow through. no baptism gown for this guy he was all business casual.

Little boy seersucker suit

otto’s baptism is extremely important to joe and I. Not only is it us giving our child up to God but it’s a promise we are making to raise him in the faith to the best of our abilities. we believe that baptism is a seal of God’s grace to us as sinners. it is important to us that otto share in that as a child.

the church we attend has a celebration where we celebrate all the baptisms at one service. Since otto was the only toddler we were able to go first. in true otto form at the third sprinkle of water he shook his hands and into the microphone said “ok all done”. i would have expected nothing less from him. he’s a man baby who knows what he wants.

Little boy seersucker suit

we had our family over for lunch afterward to celebrate. personally i think otto was just thrilled to be able to wear a suit like daddy’s. i couldn’t even handle how sweet he looked in his little leather loafers. if he couldn’t wear the traditional outfit then he was going to wear a seersucker suit.

this summer with him has been so sweet and such a gift. we do not take these days for granted. we are blessed beyond what we deserve and cherish as many moments as we are given.

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  1. Judith says:

    Otto is a true blessing to watch him every day. He is so funny, sweet, has a mind of his own. Keeps everyone hopping. I don’t think he slows down until he crashes at night. He is so blessed to have parents that love him so much. Thank you for sharing this wonderful child for us to love and be blessed by every day. He can pull off a suit like a real man !! ❤️

  2. Betty says:

    Adorable!! Love watching him grow. He’s a sweetheart and so are you. God Bless him always!!

  3. Cynthia says:

    Otto is a true blessing from God! He has weathered all of his health issues like a real trooper and with a great sense of humor and happiness! I’m so happy to be able to follow your blog and watch Otto grow and reach milestone after milestone. He has such an adorable personality! I can’t wait to see him working side by side with you and Joe in the kitchen, the garden and picking his own treasures at the flea markets. Each picture was cuter then next!!!

    • Words cannot describe my gratitude for his attitude. LOL one of my biggest fears with Otto was that he would grow up to be affected by the medical issues he experienced. God has surely blessed us with a happy hearty little guy

  4. Wrennknits says:

    Oh my goodness, I can’t even with the loafers. Thank you for filling my Otto cup with these adorable pictures! Blessing upon Blessing to your family!

  5. Nancy says:

    He has become such a “little man” I have been following you since you were pregnant and he sure has developed into a great personality!

  6. Sue Klein says:

    Loved your story about Otto’s baptism.

    Great pictures also!

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