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July 8, 2019

sezane polka dot dress

this weekend was amazing. i took a nap. I can’t tell you the last time i did that. it wasn’t intentional it just happened as i was putting otto down for his at the cottage. we both just slowly drifted off to sleep only to wake four hours later realizing that it was 5pm and not 3pm as per usually nap time. it could be because we ran otto ragged this weekend between the park, farmers markets and beach visits. it was so blissful i didn’t want it to end. it’s what michigan summers should be and it reminded me to kick back and slow down for a little bit. that it was ok to miss things. we’ve been working so hard all summer at the farm that it was nice to take a little break.

sezane polka dot dress

over the course of this summer i have tried to find some key lasting pieces to my wardrobe. i’ve fallen prey to many an instagram ad for clothing that’s arrived only to be not as pictured or absolute garbage quality. i’ve been eyeing the brand sezane for quite some time not but had never followed through with the order. with our napa trip before us i decided now or never. what a better reason to buy a new dress or two than for a vacation? i can’t say how absolutely thrilled i am with this brand. both the fit and material are unmatched and some of the best i’ve found in a long time.
sezane polka dot dress

i ordered the manny dress, the delphine dress (pictured in polka dot) , the lexia dress and the arthur pants. i was hoping for at leat one item to work, but they all worked. they all fit exactly as they should. the only dress that i took a size down in according to the sites measurements was the manny dress. everything else I took a size 10 or EU 42. i wore them all during my trip and they wore perfectly throughout the day. i like to find things that have a modern fit and a vintage feel and these dresses were exactly it.

sezane polka dot dress

there is something fun and careless and free about polka dots isn’t there? the whimsy and carefree polka dot make you feel like a 1940’s movie star. you can’t be mad when you are wearing them. i mean, i guess you can be but you shouldn’t be. also flowy maxi dresses are perfect for stuffing your face full of cheese and tacos because the dress is long, flowy and covering while still remaining stylish.

i can’t wait to see what sezane comes out with for fall. i’m hooked and they are now one of my new favorite brands to shop. what about you? have you found any new treasures this summer season for your wardrobe?
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  1. rebecca says:

    Love this dress on you and thanks for introducing us to this site. Love it. R

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