Pretty Kitchen Finds for Under Thirty Dollars

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September 10, 2020

It all started with a ceramic egg holder that popped up in my my Instagram feed before I fell into a rabbit hole of all the cute kitchen goods on the internet right now. Most shopping experiences lately have been lack luster and I find myself still roaming online during my free time. I have found that local boutiques have a lot better experience as they are better equipped to monitor the amount of shoppers in the store than the mall or larger store.

Kitchen Finds for Under Thirty Dollars


Anyway this egg holder, it was only $16! I thought it be so cute as a gift filled with farm fresh eggs or sitting my counter as a gift to myself. With farm fresh eggs if they remained unwashed until use they do not have to be in the refrigerator which means they can steal some of the spotlight on the counter. The longer I shopped online the more treasures I found! I thought I would share some of my favorites from around the internet.

Most of the pieces are from Urban Outfitters or H & M and I’ve ordered from both before and have been very impressed with the quality.

I ordered this little berry dish as well to add to my collection. I can’t wait until next year when I can fill it with currents. Hopefully I can beat the birds to them. I planted two shrubs of them this fall. I like to mix in the pieces with my existing vintage collections. I like to have a touch of old with the new just like I do with the furniture in my home.

I’m holding off on dishes and glassware because we are getting ready to redo the kitchen come spring. Our corningware dishes have lasted us over 11 years now and I’m itching for a change. They served their purpose and have held up almost perfectly with only one or two getting a chip. For now I’m going to enjoy my berry container and egg carton.

Looking for something fun to put into your new glassware? Check out this recipe for winter sangria! 


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