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November 28, 2017

i don’t have a favorite holiday. they’re all my favorite. i love special things about each holiday. but the thing i love most about thanksgiving other than being together with family of course and giving thanks of course.. is that the secondary focus is all about the food. it’s like the superbowl for foodies. my mom is the quarterback and makes most of the staples (stuffing, potatoes, turkey etc) but what i get to bring changes each year. salad, vegetable dessert etc. side note: nobody eats the salad on thanksgiving unless its like a snicker salad or white jello salad. lesson learned.

this year i was tasked with dessert. while i love to bake it’s not my strength. i don’t have the patience and i like to change and add things too much. which is why in my opinion i’m a much better cook than baker. but i took to instagram and asked for favorite recipes and couldn’t decide between the brown butter pumpkin cake or the carrot cake cheesecake.

what i would have done differently… used the brown butter frosting on both the cake and the cheesecake. seriously this frosting was insanely amazing. however i don’t know what happened but i made the frosting the night before turned out perfect. it said to store in the fridge. i didn’t want to assemble the cake just yet because it would take up a bunch of fridge space so i rewhipped it the next morning and i couldn’t get the chunks of cream cheese smooth again. still tasted awesome though!

the carrot cake cheesecake though was the clear winner. it was amaaaaaazing. nice and moist and dense. make sure you use a spring pan though because there is no way you would have got it out of a pan otherwise.

the cakes were eaten but i took the left overs to the office because i can’t have a carrot cake cheesecake hanging around my house. you should have seen how much of that brown butter frosting i devoured before it made it to the cake haha.

the recipe for the brown butter cake is here

the recipe for the carrot cake cheesecake is here 

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