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July 28, 2020

the gifts are opened, the balloons have deflated and Otto is officially a three year old. I woke up this morning and thought no way he’s now over three. Then I looked at how big he was sprawled out in my bed horizontal taking up the entire space. I was unfortunate enough to get the feet side last last night. (note: a bad habit that was begun over the quarantine)

Can I share with you the best decision I made for this birthday boy? Not worrying about a pinterest perfect party. He wanted his cousins to come swimming and to have pizza, peppa and mickey and truck with trailers (whatever 3 year old) so that is what he got. Joe pulled an old work trailer home and otto helped back it in that pretty much rocked his world. We had mickey and peppa balloons which never actually made it to the party because Otto hid them from his cousins.

I might have lost my mind a little bit at Joe for the pool being cloudy but hey, what you going to do. Bottom line, we had immediate family over and enjoyed the sunshine outside, swam, ate pizza and just RELAXED. So many times we put this pressure on ourselves that everything has to be perfect and it can easily put us at a breaking point (and trust me (and talk to joe) it got a little hairy there for a second) but not everything has to be picture perfect. It’s hard sometimes as a blogger and writer to not have a “pin-able image” but sometimes that is ok. This party was about Otto and his third birthday and he enjoyed every single second of it. He even said “how nice that my cousins can come swim on my birthday”.

Rylee and Cru Seagull outfit

It’s crazy to think how fast and slow three years has gone by all at the same time. It feels like we were just taking Otto home from the hospital and on the other hand it feels like he’s been here my entire life. I am in continued amazement of him and his health progress. He is a miracle I get to witness every single day. I will never forget the dark days in the hospital that we thought there was a possibility he wouldn’t be coming home. It was scary and dark time but such a testament to God’s faithfulness that whatever your journey’s outcome is, he will give you the strength to see you through it. And here we are. With a wild and crazy three year old.

We took the afternoon yesterday assembling the trampoline, eating hot dogs, going for a pizza picnic on the beach with his new race car and opening the last one or two gifts at home that we got him. He is obsessed with little peppa and mickey figurines and we got him the “family home” for peppa (that’s what he calls it) and the camper van. I love watching his little mind at work.

The 2 – 3 year seemed to fly by and if there is one lesson Covid 19 pandemic has taught me (I know I know) is that life moves fast and to savor each and every moment together that you can.

Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes for our boy. You guys are the ultimate support team and cheerleader for us and it is never unappreciated.

Otto at Centennial park Holland Otto at Centennial park Holland

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  1. Jacqui says:

    Happy Birthday wonderful Otto Craig!! I have sooo enjoyed watching you grow and progress these three years! I feel like your momma is a friend of mine and your family is a part of my family though I live far away! You got some great presents! I love the Peppa Pig house! And your swimming has gotten so good! My kids were ocean lifeguards and water polo players so we love swimming pools! Have a great day All if you!!
    Jacqui Thompson

  2. He is just so perfect and you are such a smart mom to relax about his party. Mine grew up wayyy before the social media pressure of today and I can remember being so stressed out each birthday. Truth is, some fun, some food and some friends is all they really need

  3. Mary says:

    What a great day for Otto! Happy 3rd Birthday, Tot!!

  4. Ashten says:

    Otto is pure sunshine and joy. I love watching him in your stories!

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