A visit to the fall exhibit at Meijer Gardens


October 13, 2020

Otto and I finally got back to Meijer Gardens for the first time since March. I think one of the things that amazes me most about this pandemic is how quickly we forget and/or adapt to the situation. I don’t think that is a good thing? Maybe parts of it are. I know we shouldn’t forget about these lovely spaces that have been here for years because they’re doing everything they can to remain open and safe. Joe and I bought a family membership a few years back and it’s been worth every penny. It’s $90 annually for a family and it’s one of my favorite places to visit during the deep dark days of winter.

When the weather is cold and frigid the gardens offers a giant greenhouse that is warm and welcoming. Every year they do a large display of fall foliage and pumpkins and it’s something to see. Last year the mum wall was incredible. This year the colors are more pastel and I’m into it.

Mum and Pumpkin display at FMG

We then headed outside to the walking paths that had huge plots of mums and giant pumpkins. Otto is obsessed with pumpkins and Halloween right now so we had to check them out. Each one we came upon he would give it a knowing pat and say, “yep, sure is a nice pumpkin” and then move on to the next. We followed the path to the children’s garden where they have a huge outdoor tree house. We played pirates for a bit before heading inside to the snack  bar for ice cream.

It was a lovely fall afternoon in Michigan and we had such a fun time exploring the grounds. It felt so good to be back. We went on a Wednesday afternoon and were some of the only people there. It’s a great place to get some fresh air and enjoy the gardens. Soon they will begin their Christmas around the world display and have reindeer outside. Now that Otto is in to FROZEN I’m sure we’ll be frequenting the gardens more regularly.

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Mum and Pumpkin display at FMG FMG Grand Rapids Michigan Otto and the great pumpkin Otto and the great pumpkin Meijer Gardens Grand rapids Tree House Meijer Gardens Grand rapids Tree House

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