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January 16, 2017

We did it! the found cottage has officially reopened and i cannot even put into words how incredibly grateful i am for all of you that came out to see us. it was a wonderful wonderful weekend and it felt like a big family reunion getting to see all of you. it was hard being closed for two weeks. we missed all you guys!
the found cottage

friday night we put the final touches on the store. we were really “done” but couldn’t help wipe down one more shelf, shift over one more vignette, rearrange one more mug shelf. we were ready and we were exhausted. we left the shop around 5pm and tried to go home and get some rest. i made a few returns from christmas on my way home and grabbed some groceries and indian food for dinner then headed home and watched the devil wears prada falling asleep. i didn’t stay asleep long too many nerves going on and what if what if what ifs.

i woke up around 5am would a ball of nerves in my tummy but i was excited. i ate breakfast, fed the animals, let the dogs out and headed into to the store. on my way there got a phone call that our building sign was still not up. i had been calling the sign guy every single day to make sure it would be up on time and each time was guaranteed it would be there.  i made a few quick short annoyed phone calls and the sign was finally hung 45 minutes before we opened. better late than never i guess. mother wilma was there with her hot chocolate and marshmallow camper and my friend bryce was there with his food truck (pork fat slims) and we opened the doors a wee early for the line outside at 9:55. people came pouring in and it was one of the most exciting times in my life! we were busy up until we closed the doors shortly after 5pm. we put our feet up for a bit, cleaned and closed up the store. we just couldn’t believe it. we had sold out of product, the food trucks had sold out of food and yet everyone was so kind and patient with each other while waiting in line we just… ah! can’t say thank you enough.

the found cottage

after we closed up shop we all headed out to rush creek bistro for a celebratory dinner. the only thing i had in my stomach that day is a hot chocolate, cookie and bowl from pork fat slims (delightful). we had a lovely dinner just recapping the day, laughing at our mishaps and just enjoying the success of the day.

sunday morning i woke up at 7am and stayed in bed re ordering product and watching HGTV. it was soooo nice. joe was supposed to be home from cabo (he had been there all week) saturday night but he got stuck in a customs line and didn’t make it home 🙁 so our planned brunch was cancelled but i took the opportunity to get caught up on dishes, laundry and did some vacuuming. i was going to stay home all day but then realize we were out of toilet paper and soap. definitely need those things. i headed out but ended up driving just a bit further to blue door. i found this amazing garden and turf supplies sign and had to have it. don’t worry i still stopped to get toilet paper and soap. i made it home about 3 hours before joe and just hung out reading and watching tv. joe got home around 7 and we had mac n cheese and caught up on the week.

it was the perfect weekend.

the found cottage

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