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July 17, 2017

i was thinking this morning that i can’t remember the last time i woke up on a monday and did not have a sore back and shoulders. i’m not complaining, i love productive weekends around the house and cottage. this weekend we stuck close to home working on the house, nursery, garden and the bottomless money pit aka the pool.

friday night we went to our company outing at the whitecaps baseball game. talk about the perfect evening. you could not have asked for better weather in mid july sitting out on the deck eating hot dogs watching baseball. it was like 75 degrees and sunny and perfect. the game didn’t get done until about 10pm which put us home at 11 so that is about all we did that night.

saturday morning joe met up with the menfolk and went and walked the hunting property while i went to the farmers market in holland to grab a few things then headed off to the store to get it ready for the day. i hung out there for a while in the morning getting the store ready and hanging out with the gals. after that i had a few errands to run (post office ick) and then i decided to spend my morning heading out to some of my favorite antique stores. it might be a little while until i make it there again so i just enjoyed the morning and found some amazing things for the house and cottage. i found this insane rug runner for only $60! i might use it to cover the steps in pentwater. stay tuned. i also found this super cute ice cream  chalkboard sign and a few other pieces that i couldn’t live without (or were too cheap not to!)  like the ironstone diner mugs i found for $1 each.
after antiquing i headed home and unpacked my groceries, ate some peaches from the market (white flesh peaches… amazing) and kind of picked up around the house. the more joe and i work outside the more we tend to bring in the inside. while joe mowed and trimmed the lawn i vacuumed the pool and we called it a day around 6pm. we cleaned up and headed south for dinner to kalamazoo. we went to rustica which is what we decided in our top 2 favorite restaurants in michigan. second only to salt of the earth. i had the seasonal gnocchi with pureed peas and asparagus and joe had the pork belly beet risotto. it was fantastic. the funny thing is there was these little white things in the risotto that looked like little scallops. they weren’t. we each ate a few of them trying to figure out what in the world they could be. turns out it was bone marrow. here is the thing, the texture was weird, the flavor was good but i don’t need to eat it again. we checked that one off our list lol.

after dinner we stopped at plainwell ice cream on the way home and by the time we pulled into the driveway we could barely keep our eyes open.

sunday morning we slept in as long as our bodies would allow which means getting up at like 6:30 instead of 5:30. joe read for a bit on the couch and i made some blueberry muffins with berries i picked up at the market and then went and weeded my garden for  bit before showering and getting ready for church. after church we went to lunch at fire rock, picked up a few groceries for dinner and then worked around the house. joe put together the changing table, i put away laundry… you know fun stuff. we made a pizza from tomatoes and basil out of our garden (and made our own crust) and had dinner before my pal leah came over to take some maternity photos. we took them just around the house and farm and of course with the lambs couldn’t help myself they’re so sweet.

it was a jam packed weekend but so so good.

ps thank you all for your kind words and encouragement saturday. i chose to make it a great day and with your help and prayers it was. 🙂

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